The Number 1 Reason Parents Use Mathnasium

Sep 6, 2021 | Kelowna

Parents love to see their children happy and thriving. Math class might seem like a marginal bit of a child’s life, but success there really matters. Success from any corner of a child’s life can spread to another. For instance, the take-away from overcoming math anxiety is confidence to conquer future problems. (Sounds handy, huh?) For a 4th grader, finally mastering long division after weeks of work is much more than learning math; it’s learning grit and perseverance, too. 

There are lots of options to help your child experience success in math class. You can try using these 10 tips from If you’re ready to give your child the best opportunity to understand math, bring them to your local Mathnasium.

Parents are noticing the effect Mathnasium is having on their students…. and they’re loving it! One common thing parents see when their child is enrolled in Mathnasium is that it CREATES CONFIDENCE.

“My son just loves to go to Mathnasium. Most importantly, I can see his improvement- not only in math- but in his questions and reasoning.”

“My daughter's confidence in math has grown so much because of Mathnasium!”

“I cannot express how much Mathnasium has helped my son with both learning and gaining confidence in math!”

In your local centre, Mathnasium of Kelowna, one parent tells their top reason for using Mathnasium:

Kelowna Langley reason

As parents start calling about enrolling for the new school year, the number 1 reason I hear them mention is: I don't want my child to struggle the way I did! These parents know that with the right kind of support, their children can learn to understand, master and love math!

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