Killarney's Mathnasium@home

Apr 30, 2020 | Killarney

Mathnasium@home is the online math learning system for Mathnasium’s top rated math program. In development over three years, the @home program went through extensive review and testing to ensure the experience would be as close as possible to the in-centre experience. Centres across North America began to pilot its use in 2019 and our online math tutoring received great reviews. The online math learning program would fill a much needed gap by reaching rural area students who were unable to commute weekly into the city. In addition, students who traveled for greater lengths of time would be able to continue learning regardless of where they were in the world. Given the high approval rating from its customers, Mathnasium@home formalized its roll-out to all of its franchise partners in late 2019.


Mathnasium@home leverages the ConexEd platform, a virtual classroom software service widely used for university and colleges. Mathnasium has customized its infrastructure to deliver its proprietary materials and one-on-one teaching method with its online math instructors. Using the same technique as what occurs in our math learning centre, Mathnasium of Killarney opens its virtual Classroom door for students to check-in. Students are then placed into the breakout room which is synonymous with sitting in a chair at a particular table in the centre. Together, our instructors and students then review the workout plan or strategy for the session and get started on learning. The same 1-hour format is followed where students begin with prescriptives (learning or developing new skills) followed by the workout book for mental math improvement and cumulative math skill testing. If students have homework, they are also welcome to load their homework to a shared folder to get online math homework help just like when they are in the centre. We finish all of our math learning sessions with a learning reflection where students spend a couple minutes to review what they covered for the day along with identifying where they excelled or need further development. This metacognition exercise helps students learn and retain their learnings.

With the recent pandemic, Mathnasium@home is now the only way to deliver our leading math program. Online children tutoring has grown exponentially over the last few weeks which has caused issues for all providers, including ConexEd. However, Mathnasium is committed to supporting its students so we are seeing ongoing updates to ensure improved stability day to day. Parents are really appreciating the online math learning as students are focused for their sessions and now they can have their own math tutor at home!