How to Build Your Childs Confidence with an Online Math Tutoring class

Jun 13, 2020 | Killarney

Math has historically (and likely even today) been deemed  a "hard" subject. Students that didn't get it were considered "less smart". Now we know that this isn't really true but sadly, these preconceptions which yes, sometimes even parents convey accidentally, have a real impact on your child. A student that isn't understanding mathematical concepts hinders their learning immediately. That hinderance turns into frustration and that frustration makes it difficult for them to see anything positive about the subject. Worse yet, it affects their behavior and attitude outside that one subject.

At our math centre, our math instruction team cares a great deal about student success in mathematics and beyond. We come from diverse backgrounds where half of us found math easy to understand from our younger years while the other half really struggled in their early grades. What's amazing is that regardless of what our original experience was, we all continue to enjoy math, believe in how important it will be in students' life choices and are committed to helping others overcome their challenges.

We are patient and encouraging to ensure students are comfortable from the first time they work with us. Whether they join us in our relaxed, fun in-centre math learning environment or virtually, they are each engaged and motivated by our team through direct one-on-one teaching. This new environment separates the learning from home or school where they may have had previous frustration. There is no history to hold them back from exploring, asking questions and most importantly, learning. 

When a student joins our program, they are asked to complete an assessment that lets us pinpoint what they know and what they don't. This lets us put together a customized learning plan that address the necessary gaps that hold your child back. Our (online) math tutors will provide immediate strategies for your student to use and practice so that they can master new skills and improve their confidence. For almost three months, our program has been delivered completely online due to the pandemic restrictions. This hasn't slowed down any of our families and consistent feedback of how engaged their students are and how much they have learned makes our incredibly proud.

If your child's confidence has been affected by lack of understanding in mathematcis, contact us to learn more about our online math tutoring and instruction program or come in to visit our centre.