See Your Child's Brain Change While Doing Math

Feb 5, 2021 | Killarney

Your child's brain is CHANGING while they're learning math. A team at Carnegie Mellon University used MRI technology to capture these amazing images: 

The neurons are firing as you work through a math problem and recall information. For full study details, check out the The New York Times article which outlines the stages our brains go through while thinking through a math problem. Our short summary highlights the four distinct stages.

Second, we have the Planning Phase: when the brain begins working on how to tackle the math problem.

Third, we have the Solving Phase: here the brain begins crunching numbers.

Lastly, we have the Responding Phase: when we input our answer.

So what does that mean? Essentially, whenever we practice math we are training our brain's hippocampus to develop new patterns and connections to reach conclusions and overcome problems. Pretty cool, right?

If you're afraid your child's brain isn't up to the challenge, Jo Boaler from TEDX Stanford debunks a common math myth, "That there is such a thing as a math brain, and you're born with it or you're not." Science tells us that that is simply false. Brains can change. You can look at some of our instructor bios too. They will tell you they struggled with math and now here they are studying engineering and astrophysics.  

At Mathnasium of Killarney in SW Calgary, we know that your child's brain can change. In fact, we love it! We love seeing new smiles on their faces as their confidence grows from their developing math abilities. Our students telll us and themselves things like this:

"I got this!"

"I am good at math!"

"I understand this now!"

At Mathnasium of Killarney we see results. Parents do too! Read what these parents have to say:

Thank you for all the flexibility. We really appreciate it. We have seen an amazing improvment!
– Ian
My daughter has made such strides in math since starting Mathnasium...she has even conceded that her sessions for FUN "gasp*!! Thanks for the dedication
– Jen
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