Why Choosy Parents Choose Mathnasium

Jul 12, 2021 | Langley BC

Have you been looking into tutoring for your child? You might feel inundated with all the options you find. To help you find the best fit for your child, Mathnasium of Kelowna compiled a list of things that sets us apart from other tutoring centres. 

1. At Mathnasium of Kelowna, we don't use rote memorization. Rote memorization is when facts and information are learned by repetition. (Think of learning the alphabet, or even multiplication facts with flashcards). While having some basic math memorized can be beneficial, meaningful learning trumps rote memorization every time. Meaningful learning is defined as, "feel(ing) that all the pieces of a concept, idea, theory, formula, or argument fit together." You can read more about meaningful learning here. At Mathnasium, we pride ourselves on teaching for meaningful learning; in doing so, we offer your child a much better educational experience. 

2. Unlike many of our competitors, Mathnasium exclusively teaches math. That means we hire exclusively as well. Our tutors are solely math experts. We wouldn't ask a math tutor to help your student write a persuasive essay. Each of our Mathnasium instructors must pass a rigorous exam that proves they don't just understand complex math, but that they can teach it as well. One parent shared his experience with Marc, a Mathnasium instructor: 

"Jessica has been coming to Mathnasium and making strides. We love Marc, her tutor. This week at school, all of Jessica's classmates were struggling with their mass lesson- none of them got it. Jessica raised her hand and proceeded to show her classmates how to solve the problem the way Marc taught her." - J. L.

3. Mathnasium of Kelowna knows how to motivate. The Education Hub defines motivation as "What moves us. It is the reason we do anything at all." We get kids all around Kelowna, West Kelowna, Lake Country, Vernon, Central Okanagan excited about math by using extrinsic motivation. We have a fabulous reward centre at Mathnasium.  Students earn punches on their reward card for each worksheet completed successfully and then use the completed cards toward a reward from the Reward Cabinet. We've found that our reward centre really helps push kids to accomplish their goals. 

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We get so many inquiries from students like Andrea (grade 7, not her real name). She was winning awards at another tutoring centre but struggling with simple math word problems at school. Once we determined she needed to learn rounding and estimation, she was finally able to make better decisions about how to begin the word problems!

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