Is your child ready for EQAO?

Sep 3, 2017 | Meadowvale

Lois Gadway - Mathnasium of Meadowvale Instructor

Author: Lois Gadway
Title: Mathnasium of Meadowvale, Instructor


As an elementary school teacher (retired June 2017) who taught Grade3/4 for many years I am particularly interested in and disappointed by the overall EQAO Math results.  I particularly enjoyed teaching Math and my class often spent 60 minutes a day working on it.  From year beginning the class was essentially preparing for EQAO (which is written May month end) by covering all Math curriculum strands.  However, if you have looked at the Math curriculum ( you will note that there are extensive curriculum expectations to be met and mastered (i.e., approx. 70 ) over 9 months.  Given the scope of the curriculum, split grades, larger class sizes and many students with varying levels of abilities and needs in one class some students may not receive the time or attention needed to master certain math concepts.  What is learned and mastered at an early age is essential to continued later success.

The EQAO province wide assessments tests all of the Math curriculum including many word problem involving 2 or 3 step solutions and some problems combining expectations of several strands.  See EQAO website (  for examples of previous years’ tests.             

If you are aware that your child needs to solidify some of the Math concepts being taught at school I highly recommend Mathnasium.  Your child’s needs will be assessed and work is tailored to meet her/his needs.  Concepts are taught progressively using easier to understand strategies. There is an emphasis on using mental math, checking for reasonableness, using rewards, math games and manipulatives to advance learning and make learning fun.  When Math does not feel confusing or difficult, it is fun!

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