Mathnasium at Shelter Bay Public School 2018 Math Night

Apr 13, 2018 | Meadowvale

This month, we were given the wonderful opportunity to sponsor Shelter Bay Public School's Math and Science Night. Our objectives were to help make this event a greater success for the school and to promote fun learning in Math. The games that were present for this event were developed by Mathnasium for Math Nights. They are fun and easy for execution. We certainly enjoyed ourselves interacting with the children and we hope families, who attended the event, enjoyed as much as well!

Mathnasium is out to support schools, within the Lisgar and Meadowvale area in Mississauga, in implementing or coordinating Math Nights. We do respect the school's position and therefore we, absolutely, will not conduct any sales during the event, nor will we expect the school to provide an endorsement. 

If you have an event in mind for your school and will require additional support, logistically or financially, please do not hesitate to contact us at (289) 633-3823 or [email protected]