Kaitlyn First Grade 9 A+ for Math from High School

Apr 17, 2018 | Meadowvale

Kaitlyn Santos, Grade 9, Our Lady of Mount CarmelKaitlyn enrolled with us here at Mathnasium of Meadowvale, in January 2018. Like every other student in Mathnasium, Kaitlyn was given a Grade 8 equivalent assessment. She would be starting her High School Grade 9 at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in February 2018. The assessment and her customized learning plan enabled our team of instructors to know about her gaps in solving grade 8 linear equations (algebra). By addressing those immediate concepts, Kaitlyn was able to comprehend her Grade 9 topics on slopes, y-intercept, and graphing linear equations. With these skills mastered, she will soon be able to understand perpendicular and parallel slopes and eventually solving system of equations, either through substitution or elimination method. Kaitlyn's Mathnasium journey is not over, and this A+ is certainly not a reason for her to drop the ball, but she absolutely deserves a little recognition from us! Keep up this terrific progress and you will soon find Grade 10, Grade 11 and Grade 12 Math easy peasy! 

At Mathnasium, you will find that we are miles apart from the regular math tutoring centre or services available in your area. We set our students for long-term success by addressing their foundation gaps. A private math tutor or a group tutoring will provide math help based on the child's current grade level, without having a system or a plan available to tutor them. This approach is what we call a quick-fix solution since the foundation gaps will not be going away or disappearing without being addressed. 

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