The History of Mathnasium

Jan 13, 2021 | Mississauga

When starting a new year, it’s always good to look to the past, appreciate what has happened, and focus on what lies ahead. Today we’re going back to the beginning of Mathnasium and invite you to take the quick journey with us!

In the 1990’s, education industry pioneers Peter Markovitz and David Ullendorff recognized that to truly be successful in school and in life, students need a solid understanding of mathematics. There was a vast disconnect, though, between students’ learning skills and the math curriculum they were taught in school.

To address that gap, they founded Mathnasium — a math-only learning centre committed to providing the world’s best instruction. Their goal: teach children how to think, with the skills to succeed in math and the confidence to achieve their academic potential.

After an exhaustive search, they found the perfect person to help them achieve their vision: Larry Martinek, a beloved educator, teacher trainer, and curriculum consultant. Larry and Mathnasium’s expert team spent years refining the most powerful teaching methods and materials into the comprehensive, industry-leading Mathnasium Method™.

The trio opened the first Mathnasium Learning Center in Los Angeles in late 2002 and began franchising in 2003. The extraordinary dedication of Mathnasium’s local centre owners and staff, combined with Mathnasium’s child-centered approach, proved wildly successful. Mathnasium has become an award-winning, world-class math education company, and global demand for our service has soared.

Today, Mathnasium changes the lives of more than 100,000 children in neighborhood learning centres on five continents. If you haven’t visited your local centre to learn how Mathnasium can change your child’s life, now is the time. We’re looking forward to meeting you!