Jumpstart Success This School Year with an After-School Math Program

Aug 20, 2019 | Newmarket

Yes, it’s sad that summer is coming to an end, but it’s also SUPER EXCITING that a brand-new school year, filled with many learning opportunities and so much potential, is upon us!

We know you and your family are busy navigating the back-to-school hustle and bustle. With back-to-school shopping, schedule changes, late summer/fall activities and programs kicking off and trying to squeeze every bit of summer fun out of these last few weeks, seeking out math help before the school year officially kicks off is likely the last thing on your mind, if at all.

The start of the school year is the ideal time to enroll in and start an after-school math program. It jumpstarts math success at school and builds lasting confidence. Here’s why:

  1. Summer learning loss is real. The summer is often a full break from academics for many families. This extended vacation from academics results in real, tangible loss of skills, specially math skills and is called the Summer Slide. Enrolling in an after-school math tutoring program shortly before or in the early days of the school year helps students ease their way back into mathematical thinking, decreases learning gaps, and it sets them up for a successful year of math learning.  


  1. School year pressures are still at bay. When school begins again, teachers and students will be busy and focused on settling into new routines, new learning and building relationships with each other. It will take time before students (and parents) start feeling the full impact of school responsibilities. A math learning program kicking off at the start of the year (before they fall further behind or get more bored) gives your child a real jumpstart in making this a successful year of math learning.


  1. Math becomes a priority sooner than later. Once the school year starts, life tends to get even busier with extracurricular school clubs and teams filling up an already busy family calendar. With a busy schedule, squeezing in additional math learning may become more a chore or mean your child must give up an activity they love in place of math tutoring…not fun!  Plus, maintaining a balanced after-school routine that includes scheduled math learning right from the start, helps prevent burnout even during the most stressful times of the school year, and helps your child maintain and grow their confidence.


  1. You’ll discover your child’s strengths and weaknesses in math sooner. Many parents wait until the new school year settles in to see how their child fares with their new teacher, classroom learning environment and the first round of test and quiz grades to arrive before they seek out help with math. This wait is counter-productive and can further deteriorate your child’s math and learning confidence, especially if they were still struggling at the end of the last school year. Start off the school year with a solid understanding of where your child is in their math skills by enrolling in a personalized after-school math program. A math tutoring program like this will also have an action plan that supports your child as the school year progresses.


  1. It helps build a positive relationship with math. Math class can be challenging to sit through during the regular school year, let alone after a 2-month fun-filled hiatus from a classroom or learning environment. An effective math tutoring program provides an upbeat, productive learning environment that engages students in the awesomeness of math and helps them approach math with a positive and enthusiastic attitude.

So, are you ready to help make this your child’s best school year yet and jumpstart their success?

We’d love to help your child with their math learning this year. Whether it’s to catch up, keep up or advance their math skills, Mathnasium of Newmarket is your local math tutoring centre that builds confidence and gets results. 

Contact us today to schedule a risk-free assessment, and if you enroll by August 28, 2019, you’ll receive 10% off your first month of enrollment.

Happy learning!