Is Math Really Difficult for Children? Let a Math Tutor Help

Apr 26, 2017 | Oak Ridges

Ask any of your children to name the most difficult subject at school, and they might immediately answer mathematics. In fact, a previous poll revealed that most students find math really difficult.

Have you ever wondered what it is about math that children find difficult? Contrary to what you might think, math isn’t related to a child’s brain power. At its core, math would require patience and persistence, and students are often required to devote lots of time and energy in their work.

Is Math Really Difficult? It Doesn’t Have to Be With a Math Tutor

Brain Types can Affect Math Skills

Scientists have yet to ascertain the process of human learning, but many experts believe that children are wired with different math skills. This is where left- and right-brainers come into play. Left-brain thinkers understand things in sequential bits, while right-brain thinkers can take in a lot of information almost instantly.

Either type can still have difficulty with learning, though. It might be difficult for left-brainers to grasp concepts as quickly as right-brainers. On the other hand, it might take them a while to absorb all the information, making them feel confused.

Cumulative Learning

Children gain understanding in one area of math before building upon another. These building blocks of learning are established in primary school, then goes on until middle school and high school.

Some children, however, might not have fully absorbed or understood certain math concepts, but they move on anyway. There might be negative consequences in the future, especially when children move to the next level with little understanding of particular concepts.

These consequences aren’t just bad grades, though: poor understanding of math concepts might pose a huge problem once they reach high school or college.

Math is Important

Time and again, experts have highlighted the importance of math in the development of a child. In the end, math is more than a key life skill, but it’s also a way for them to make their adult lives better by making smart decisions. As a parent, you’ll want to give your child a leg up, especially if they’re struggling with math. There are simple things you can do at home to boost your child’s confidence with math.

You don’t have to do it alone, though. Consider hiring a math tutor for your child, like those from Mathnasium of Oak Ridges. Unlike others, these tutors follow the Mathnasium Method, an approach that has given countless of children a better understanding and appreciation of math. With their help, math won’t seem so difficult for your child.


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