Math Rewards!!

Nov 9, 2021 | Red Deer

Our rewards program is a recognition of student’s achievement, and it is one of many ways to motivate students to learn math. A motivated student enjoys the experience more and improves their math skills faster.

And how do they earn their rewards? Every time a student finishes a page, or is engaged or participating in learning a math concept through a game or using a manipulative, they earn a star. Also, when they complete a mastery check with a perfect score, they can earn extra stars by spinning the reward wheel. When a student completes a Learning Plan, they get one whole card! And on their birthdays, they get Mathnasium stationeries plus 5 cards! We also have special fun days where they can earn more stars like “double star day”, “solve the problem of the day and earn 5 extra stars” etc.

Completed rewards cards can be redeemed with reward items from our prize cabinet. Our reward items include everything from chips, kinder surprise eggs to squish mallows, basket ball, Lego, gift cards, etc.

Great environment – that is what we aim for with all these fun activities, while at the same time rewarding their hard work with stuff they deserve.

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