Closing Gaps in Math Learning - Why is it super important?

Nov 24, 2021 | Red Deer

As explained in this Globe & Mail article recently, “Early math skills are the greatest predictor of future math and school success across all subjects, even more than literacy.”



Why is it super important to close the learning gaps in math?

It is because math concepts build on each other. If your child is lacking in some math foundations, it would be harder for them to move up to more advanced concepts. For example, they need to be competent in doing multiplication to do fractions; and the basis to do multiplication is to master multiple additions.

Not addressing the gaps could create an unhealthy fear of failure that could lower their self esteem, which can quickly spread to their lack of confidence in their abilities in other subjects.


Why do parents need to take action now?

The choice is either ignoring it: “just wait, he will get it when he gets older” – or taking action now before it snowballs and becomes hard to manage in the future. The first choice is risky as it could compromise your child's future. It could make it harder for the child to make transitions like from elementary to middle school, and more so into high school.

So don’t let the gaps grow over time and have a lasting impact on your child. Learning gaps close when they are addressed. And depending on how big the gaps are, it could take weeks or months or even years to close them. That’s why it is important to take action now. The quicker a learning gap is addressed, the less problems it will create.


How does Mathnasium of Red Deer address learning gaps?

Our diagnostic math assessments are designed to pinpoint your child’s math gaps, and then build a customized learning plan based on those gaps. We teach understanding to each child, face to face, and build their number sense.

As published on our Listen360 Review, one Mathnasium of Red Deer’s parent said, “You helped my daughter gain back her confidence by taking her back to basics and helping her to rebuild the foundation” (N.O., November 7, 2021).

Below are some snapshots showing our students’ results on closing their gaps:  



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