We all know that we cannot divide by zero, but why?

Mar 5, 2022 | Red Deer

Try googling the answer. You’ll find lots of answers, and they like to use fancy and complex reasons that often can only be understood by a math nerd ðŸ¤“ We are lucky that Larry Martinek, the man behind the Mathnasium method, can give us a fairly straightforward explanation. 

Division by any number can be thought of as a fraction having that number as the denominator. For example, 2 divided by 5 can be written as 2/5; 1 divided by 2 can be expressed as ½, and 3 divided by 0 as 3/0.

Recall that the denominator of a fraction tells us how many equal parts make up the whole, and that the numerator tells us how many of these parts to consider. So, 2/5 means that the whole has 5 equal parts, and that we are currently considering 2 of them. Similarly, ½ means that the whole has 2 equal parts, and that we are using 1 of them.

Now, 3/0 means that the whole has zero parts … hey, wait a minute. Something is wrong here. Something doesn’t make sense. How can a whole have no parts?? ðŸ¤”

It can’t. To say that we have a whole means that at the very least we have one part, that is, the minimum case is that a whole has at least one part, namely, itself. That one part may be very small, but unless we have at least one part, we cannot say that we have a whole to start with.

Therefore, it is meaningless to speak of division by zero, because we cannot have a whole that has no parts.


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