Student of the Month! What makes them successful?

Apr 7, 2022 | Red Deer

We don't hand out our Student of the Month award lightly and we are so proud of our mathlete here 👆


Are our students of the month genius and have Einstein’s super IQ? Nah, they’re just your kids next door who like to bike, or go skating, or watch funny videos. These regular kids, however, are able to unlock their potential through Mathnasium’s great instructions and materials. 

But .. again, without their own motivation, extraordinary support from their parents and from us, they will not be able to produce optimum results. So, what makes them special?

  • At the very least, they show up! Consistent attendance leads to consistent practice. And just like physical workout, with the right techniques, it will strengthen their brain muscles!
  • In addition to showing up, they also work hard! They don’t give up on doing the stuff they don’t like because they know they need to overcome obstacles and try things outside their comfort zone to succeed. Long division? Checked. Find factors? Checked. Multi digit subtraction with carrying? Checked. They even enjoy math challenges; they are persistent and don’t easily give up.

But wait .. there is also one important ingredient: Patience – and have a long-term mindset! Our successful students understand that they come here to improve their math skills and not just to improve school grades. And this is true even for students in grade 12! What is the difference between those two? The first ones have internal motivation because they know that success doesn’t happen overnight. Focusing too much on getting a better grade is too short sighted, and makes you always compare with your peers in the classroom, and expect a quick fix! It's going to frustrate yourself :( Focusing on improving your own math skills will last a lifetime and bring a long-term success! Improving your math skills will eventually lead to a better – and best grade!

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