"Put Things In Order" Foundational Math Activity For Kids And Family

Apr 10, 2018 | Richmond Hill

Fun family math activity to help kids practice foundational math in the real world, every day!

Putting things in order is one of the first foundational math concepts kids begin to understand. Smallest to largest, youngest to oldest, shortest to longest. It's a real world math activity that kids do almost without thinking...almost. It's still important  to point out this process to kids whenever you can. Encouraging children to think about numbers and math in the real world on a regular basis is the best way to lay the foundation for a love of learning math. By finding ways to incorporate math facts at home, you are providing your children with an additional opportunity to learn, and understand concepts that may come up in the classroom.

Click here to check out our Math In The Real World Activity on comparing the values of numbers. Share it with your kids, your friends, and your kids' friends so you can practice together! Let us know in the comments other ways you and your family have used to compare the value of numbers.