Problem Solving: Multiplication, Division, and Homework Help

Sep 25, 2018 | Richmond Hill


Practice elementary school multiplication and division math skills when you solve this week’s homework time management themed word problem challenge.

Now that school is back in session it’s time to think about studying, homework, and time management. Have you been doing your homework on a daily basis? Our friend Xander has been putting off his homework all week to do over the weekend. Can you use your elementary school multiplication and division math skills to help Xander figure out how much time he’ll need to spend on homework this weekend?

We know you can do this! When you're ready, look below to check your solution with ours.

Question: Xander has homework from 5 different classes: English, History, Math, Science, and Spanish. Each homework assignment is 5 pages long. Each page has 5 questions. Each question takes 5 minutes to answer. How long will it take Xander to finish his homework? Give your answer in hours and minutes.


Solution: Xander has 5 × 5 = 25 pages of homework. Since there are 5 questions per page, he has 25 × 5 = 125 questions to answer. Since each question takes 5 minutes, his homework will take him 125 × 5 = 625 minutes in total. Since an hour is 60 minutes, we divide 625 by 60 and get 10 hours and 25 minutes. Yikes!