Problem Solving Challenge: Sink Your Teeth Into This!

May 29, 2019 | Richmond Hill

Get your math tutoring on the go when you practice elementary math skills to solve this fun word problem challenge!

Q: Why are dentists such good problem solvers?
A: They’re experienced at getting to the root of a problem.

You know who else is experienced at getting to the root of a problem? Mathematicians! That’s right, the critical thinking skills you sharpen when you study math help you work through and solve just about any problem that comes your way! 

This week, get your math tutoring on the go with our word problem challenge! Practice your elementary school math skills such as multiplication and division, addition and subtraction, and fractions. Read the question below, then take your time working it through until you come to a solution. Be sure to come back tomorrow to check your solution against ours! 

Question: A bathroom sink runs at 2.25 litres per minute. Daisy uses half a litre of water each time she brushes her teeth. Jack leaves the faucet running for the full 3 minutes it takes him to brush and rinse. How much more water does Jack use each day if both of them brush their teeth 3 times a day?