Great Gifts for Math Lovers 2021

Dec 1, 2021 | Richmond Hill


The holiday season is upon us, with gift-giving opportunities around every corner! Our annual Holiday Gift Guide can help you find the perfect gift for your favourite math-y people. From books to home-décor and everything in-between, you can’t go wrong with our suggestions. Take a look!


Addy-matic and the Toasterrific | Curtis Mark Williams

Take the young ones in your life on a STEM adventure to automate a simple task: toasting bread. Problem-solve with Addy and build a chain-reaction machine! 

Math with Bad Drawings: Illuminating The Ideas That Shape Our Reality | Ben Orlin

Math may be all around us, but there is no doubt about it: it can be strange, complex, and wild. Ben Orlin uses “bad drawings” and humour to cover multiple mathematical topics, tailored towards the “math-estranged and math-enamoured alike.”

Math Art: Truth, Beauty, and Equations | Stephen Ornes

This Math Art book is a wonderful addition to any home. Explore the “growing sensation of math art” through the 80 pieces presented, coupled with the artists’ stories and mathematical explanations behind the art pieces.


Help the math-y people around you share their passion with this Fibonacci Sequence sweatshirt. Buyer beware: wearers may not stop identifying the Golden Ratio around them.

Cowculus T-Shirt | ShopIconicTees

Who says mathematicians do not have a sense of humour? This cowculus t-shirt speaks for itself. 😀 


Do you have a young math lover in your life? Not only will the math-equation comforter set decorate their bedroom but it will inspire mathematical dreams for nights to come!

Pi Day Blanket | SA Flavor

You can never go wrong with a Pi Day blanket. Follow the link to find “the most irrational blanket around — and it’s super soft and fuzzy too!”

With their unique geometric design, these bookends are both useful and fashionable. Hold anything from math books to family albums with this beautiful home set piece.




Mandelbrot Fractals Earrings | Delftia Science Jewelry 


Available in both a silver and gold finish, these fractal earrings are the perfect gift. Mathematicians and scientists will know that the Mandelbrot set is one of the most popular fractals outside of mathematics. Simple mathematical rules come together to create this complex-looking beauty.



Fractal designs turn this wearable math into an art piece. Check out the spiny dragon-scales effect on this design, alongside the mesmerizing colours, and gift someone special with a statement piece.





Fidget Spinner Cube | D-FantiX


Fidget spinners are fascinating on their own, but this one is combined with a cube to make a puzzle spinner. Help your friends and family members boost their concentration and improve their focus with this small, portable, and fun fidget spinner for kids and adults.



Turing Tumble | Turing Tumble


Do not be fooled: The Turing Tumble may be a toy, but children and adults will have fun discovering how computers work with this game. Build marble-powered computers that can solve logic puzzles, count, and much, much more!



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