Math Scores Are Expected to Decline Nationwide. Mathnasium Gets Results.

Nov 10, 2022 | Saskatoon


The 2022 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results will be shared next year, but it is not looking good for Canada: math scores are expected to show a decline. The last few assessments showed that “in each subject, Canada’s average scores have been declining over time, …. especially in science and math.”1 The most recent EQAO (Ontario’s standardized math test) results show a decline in math scores particularly for students in grade 6.2 These results suggest a high impact of learning disruptions on the education system during the pandemic.

What this means for your child

This is, of course, distressing news on a national level, but parents also want to know what it means for their own kids. If your child is in elementary school, the results raise the question: “Is my child acquiring the math skills necessary to thrive in the older grades and reach their potential?” Because math concepts build on each other, the only way to do well in math throughout high school and beyond is to truly understand each concept before moving on to the next one. Many elementary students already have gaps in their learning. In order to develop a deep understanding of math and work toward becoming a high achiever, they may need the individual attention of a qualified, caring instructor outside of the classroom. This is where a math-learning program with a structured approach backed by a proven curriculum will be most effective.

If your child is in middle school, a decline in math scores is especially concerning because students entering high school may be missing foundational skills in algebra, which are critical in high school and for future careers in math and science.

The Mathnasium Advantage

The truth is, it’s often hard to know if your child is struggling in math or how much of an impact the pandemic has had on them. You may even have accepted that your child is just an “average” math student. But most students are capable of being good at math if they’re given the right kind of individual instruction. When they start believing this themselves, there’s no reason that they can’t achieve great things.

Mathnasium Learning Centres start every student off with an individual skills assessment. A customized learning plan is then created, detailing the specific type of math help the student needs. The instructors are passionate about math and well trained to encourage students to challenge and exercise their own minds. As comprehension increases, the child’s enthusiasm for math grows, and they develop confidence, not only in math but in all of their classes.

Mathnasium is also a great resource for students who already excel in math and could benefit from being challenged outside the classroom. They are able to expand their skills and master complex concepts, so they can reach higher math levels and unlock their true potential. Mathnasium shows them the doors that math mastery can open.

Multiple independent studies have shown that Mathnasium improves student performance on standards-based math tests in 20 sessions or fewer. And 90% of parents said they saw an improvement in their children’s grades after attending Mathnasium. Whether your child is struggling at math, wanting to jump ahead, needing to be challenged, or looking for test-prep help, they’ll get the individual attention they need to achieve their goals in the classroom and gain confidence for the future. And both in-centre and online learning is available.

Get some real answers on how your child is doing in math by contacting your local Mathnasium Learning Centre for an assessment.


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