Report Card Challenges

Jan 30, 2021 | Saskatoon


This week marks another progress report your child will receive since the whirlwind change to online schooling and then the controlled chaos that has been this school year so far. Students have struggled to learn in a whole new format, dealing with quarantines and school shutdowns along the way. As much as their entire community has tried to rally around them to provide the best experience possible, there’s a pretty high likelihood that their math knowledge has slipped in some areas and that their progress report grades will be less desirable than usual.


Given the nature of math, it is often one of the first subjects that starts to slip for a child. Math concepts are complex, and challenge different types of learners to find the most effective strategy and ways of knowing for them. For many students, this is not a task that they can complete on their own, but with the right support and guidance they can excel again!


While some backsliding is normal, and likely expected, most parents do not want their children to fall too far behind. Teachers are facing a higher demand on their time than ever before, as are many parents, making private math instruction one of the best solutions. With our Mathnasium program, your child receives a diagnostic assessment, a customized learning plan, and a caring instructor who will give them their attention to help them reach their goals and improve their math grades.


The instructors at Mathnasium are well versed in the curriculum your child is working through and can support them with teaching, practice, and homework help to get them back on track and feeling confident in math class. Schedule a Free Assessment for your child today!