Sequence Is Everything! Building Math Skills In The Right Succession

May 7, 2021 | South Surrey


Remember solving for X in Algebra class? You probably learned how to divide before you tried any algebraic equations, right? Math has a mandatory sequence, and if some steps are taken from the process, you won't like the result.

  • Imagine the steps to making cookies.... doing those out of order wouldn't give you the result you wanted either.
  • How about learning to read? We don't give spelling tests before we learn the ABC's. 

Student frustration often stems from not knowing the successive steps in math. We call that missing piece a 'math gap'.  You can learn more about filling in your student's math gaps here.

While it is important to remember that each student learns at a different pace, a general list of what math is taught in each grade can be found at the Common Core website. You'll notice each grade level has a lot of ground to cover. 

So what happens when a child misses a step in their math instruction? Perhaps that child got sick for a week. Or leaves for vacation. Or moves to a new school and finds him/herself being taught at a different level than he/she was previously. It's pretty easy to find yourself out-of-sequence with math.

At Mathnasium of South Surrey, we help your child make sense of math by making sure they learn math in the right order. Every child can benefit from being tutored in math, especially if they are unsure of any math concept. Mathnasium's specialized math tutors are great at reinforcing weak areas and laying a strong foundation for future math understanding. 

If you child is feeling frustrated or out-of-their-depth with math, then now is the right time to take advantage of Mathnasium's professional tutoring help! We can redirect your child and get them on the track to math mastery. 

"Mathnasium was just the bump my son needed to get on track. The staff is enthusiastic and encouraging. The methods they use to teach should be adopted everywhere." – Dave J.

Let's learn math together, and we'll make sure it's always done in the right order :)