Finding the "Goldilocks Challenge Level" at Mathnasium

Jul 2, 2021 | South Surrey

Some parents are drawn to Mathnasium because their child needs a challenge. That child might be a gifted student, one who understands concepts easily and needs a more advanced curriculum to stay engaged. 

Other parents are drawn to Mathnasium because their child is struggling with math. That child might need a confidence boost and some one-on-one tutoring. 

What if those children are coming from the same family?


Kathy Wilson had two very different math students in her home. Her daughter, Brittany Wilson, was a math whiz and could ace almost every test without studying at all. Kathy loved how well Brittany did in math but was concerned about the teacher's comments. Kathy received emails about Brittany goofing off in class and never paying attention. 

Well, Brittany was just bored. 

On the other hand, Kathy's son Eric was very insecure about math. He struggled through most classes with a C average. Eric is the first to admit that "I never really 'got it'. I hated to go to math class, I was always afraid the teacher would call on me."

Kathy saw an ad about Mathnasium of South Surrey and decided to call. 

Kathy brought in Eric first. "I knew Brittany was good at math so I didn't think she needed Mathnasium. At the beginning, I thought it was just for kids who were behind."

After a few weeks at Mathnasium, Kathy noticed that Eric "was excited to go to his sessions and meet with his instructors. His interest and confidence were slowly growing." And after 3 months of Mathnasium, Eric's C average grade went up to a B+.  Eric says, "I like math a lot more, and I'm not nervous about tests. I kinda look forward to them now."

While Kathy had been spending time with Eric at Mathnasium, she noticed other groups of kids. Some were studying very advanced math. She asked the program director if Mathnasium offers tutoring for advanced students. (Hint, we sure do.)

That was when Kathy decided to enroll Brittany. Brittany was impressed to find math that made her think. "I love my tutors," Brittany says "They give me interesting math, and can explain it in different ways." 

When your child is in a healthy learning atmosphere, magical things happen. In a recent article from Psychology Today, Kate Snow says,

"Think about a time when you were deeply engaged in your learning: it may have been discussing a great book with a friend, learning how to crochet from your grandmother, or mastering a piece on the piano. But whatever it was, one of the reasons you likely found it so satisfying was that you were working at your Goldilocks challenge level: not too easy, not too hard, but juuust right.

Finding the right level of challenge is key to helping kids enjoy math, too. There’s no satisfaction in whizzing through easy busywork problems, but it’s very frustrating to plug away at problems that are too hard."

Mathnasium creates those perfect "Goldilocks challenge levels" for each of our students. (Just like how Eric and Brittany both found a new, positive connection with math.) Mathnasium of South Surrey can customize the right learning plan for your child, just like what they've done with students all over South Surrey, White Rock.

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