5 Telltale Signs Your Child Is Struggling With Math

Feb 5, 2021 | Summerside

You may have observed your child struggling with their math subjects for quite some time now. The problem is, you’re not much of a math expert, which makes it that much harder for your child to learn. It’s hard on both the parents and their children to endure a situation like this for a long time. There are even some cases when the child is actually suffering from a learning disability called Dyscalculia, a brain-related condition that makes basic arithmetic almost impossible to learn.

In the end, your child is the one who’s going to suffer the most as it can lead to life-long difficulties in school and the real world. The first thing you can do to help is knowing the signs that your child is struggling with the subject. Identifying the problem will help you determine how you can help your child.

- Difficulty Recalling Basic Math Concepts

For most children, understanding basic math concepts don’t always come to everyone naturally. Some children may take some time to grasp basic addition or subtraction, while others may easily understand it. However, if your child still can’t understand most of the fundamental math concepts after some time, then that’s a good sign that they need help.

- Getting Anxious Around Math

Be it in a class or at home, seeing your child grow increasingly anxious whenever they are faced with math problems or anything that requires calculations is the first sign that they could be struggling with math. They may understand the concepts, but when it comes to applying those concepts, they suddenly forget what they’ve learned, or they don’t know what to do next.

- Expressing Negative Comments About Math

It’s not always obvious to see if a child is struggling with math. Some children tend to say they just don’t like the subject, hence the low scores. After attending math classes in Summerside, you may hear them say, "I hate math" or "I’d rather work on other subjects than do math." But if you look past those excuses, it may actually be a sign that they’re struggling with math.

- Performing Well in Other Subjects but Not Math

Your child’s report card speaks volumes about their aptitude and outlook on the subjects they’re learning in school. It’s normal to see low scores here and there, but when they do really well with all their subjects except math, then there might be something wrong. Lower grades in math may lead them to focus on subjects they’re already succeeding in and may lose interest in studying math at all.

- Difficulty Managing Time

Time management is difficult for many people, including adults. For children, it’s almost expected to see them struggling with it as they require adult supervision to help them manage their time. But if you pay attention to see if your child is struggling with the most basic time management concepts, then it’s probably related to their struggles with math. They usually have trouble judging increments of time, following schedules, or even reading clocks.


Children are expected to have some challenges learning new things, including math and other subjects. But with time and proper guidance, they can get over those challenges eventually. However, if it seems like your child is struggling more than they should, then it’s time to look for the signs so you can help them. It may be time to get some professional help for your child.

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