Here Is Why Mathematics Is One of the Coolest Subjects

May 11, 2021 | Summerside

Math is a highly misunderstood subject. People often react negatively to its mere mention. The hate could be because of many factors, one of which is that the subject is challenging. However, the primary reason could be that this subject’s importance is never part of the education—leading to flawed education plans.

On the other hand, if your child grows up knowing the importance of mathematics in daily life, they might appreciate the subject more, learn it quickly, and grow up with an excellent job. If you want your child to grow up the latter—seeing Mathematics in a positive light—you need to highlight its important roles in human endeavours.

Here are some good reasons loving Mathematics should be the norm, especially for kids:

- Math Improves Your Problem-Solving Skills

Mathematics is not just about being good at numbers. It requires and enhances other skills, such as critical thinking and problem-solving. The more the child is exposed to scenarios like this, the more they can hone these skills and apply them to their lives.

- Math Makes People Curious

Curiosity can help children be more observant of their surroundings. It encourages them to explore and expand their knowledge. Math is good training for children to stay curious about the world. It is all about answering questions and finding solutions to various problems. The more they engage in activities like this, the better they can handle such problems later on.

- Math Can Help You Quickly Solve Money Questions

If your kid wants to purchase a new toy or video game, knowing how to use Math can help them understand how much they should save per week. If the game they are eyeing is on sale, they would know in an instant if they have enough money to buy it.

- Math Is Always Present In the Kitchen

If your kids love helping out in the kitchen, they would appreciate it if they learn that measuring ingredients or cutting food is math at work. Presenting Mathematics in a fun and practical way, such as works in the kitchen, can better help kids see the value of the subject in their everyday lives.

- The Patterns You See Around Involves Math

Shapes and patterns are all Math. Mathematics can predict any repeating numbers, shapes, colours, events, or objects.

Every pattern follows a specific rule of sequence. Being familiar with Math can help kids see those patterns. They can also figure out the patterns or solve problems related to them, thanks to Mathematics.

- Math Is Simple: You Are Either Wrong or Right

There is no confusion in Math. You either get the correct answer or not. That means every problem has a solution—and more than one, as time goes on.

- There Is No Limit When It Comes to Solving Problems

Solving a problem has no one formula. You can explore different means and arrive at one answer. By showing the students this reality, the children can appreciate math better and its role in people’s daily lives. It also does not limit their creativity and critical thinking. As long as they understand the logic of the problem and what they need to get, they can solve the problem.


Math can be a game for the kids. It involves the exercise of the brain and puzzles they can enjoy. By letting them know about the different roles of Math in their lives, they would start to comprehend it better.

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