6 Myth About Maths

Sep 23, 2021 | Summerside

Math is the subject with whom everyone has a love-hate relationship. Some students enjoy doing math and excel in it, while others struggle hard to decipher the concept. Math, if taught correctly, is not tough to understand. Whatever relationship you have had with math, one thing is clear that math is required in daily life. And if you manage to practically apply math in your life, then you will be successful. But, over time, people have developed many myths regarding maths. Read on to know some funny and stupid myths about maths.

1) Math Needs Logic, Not Intuition

Solving math needs both logic and intuition. A mathematician always thinks intuitively before solving problems. It takes an individual to trust their intuition and learn how to use their intuition. It happens that often the first idea turns out to be correct.

2) Not Everyone Has a Math Mind

Some people believe that you need a math mind to easily solve problems. And this belief significantly affects the self-confidence of an individual. In addition, when you try to solve math with this mindset, you are more likely to fail. Therefore, solving it with confidence and attention is the right way to get rid of this myth.

3) Math Needs Intense Practice

If you are trying to solve a math problem for prolonged hours until you get the answer, then you are wasting your time and energy. Indeed math needs practice, but taking breaks and rest is equally important. Once you get away from the problem, you get time to think about new ways and ideas to solve it. Therefore, with intense practice, you need a good rest.

4) Math Requires an Excellent Memory

It is essential to understand the concept of theorems, formulas, methods, and rules of maths. You cannot memorize these things, and even if you manage to do it, it won’t be effective in the longer term.

5) Right Answers Are Essential

Often in schools, we are appreciated when we get the correct answers and discouraged when wrong. This is the wrong way to learn math. You will develop the ability to solve and get the correct answers only when you get the wrong answers. The wrong answers would lead you to the correct formulas and methods of solving. Therefore, the correct answers are essential, but wrong ones teach the right ways.

6) Math Is Not Related to Creativity

Math is the combination of intuition, intellect, imagination, and these things work intricately to get us the correct answers. It is a process that involves binaries, like meticulous working and resting, feeling frustrated with failures and elated with discoveries. Math requires a brainstorming session to solve the numbers.

Math has an excellent scope and is critical for developing qualities. The only way to excel and succeed in this subject is to get rid of these baseless myths. These myths affect your confidence and set a negative mindset, which affects your performance. To make the learning process of math all fun and exciting, connect with Mathnasium. They are developing ability and confidence in the most exciting ways.