Problem of the Week for January 1st to January 4th

Dec 24, 2023 | SW Calgary

Mathnasium of SW Calgary - Problem of the Week!

Solve the problem of the week below for your grade level. During your @HOME session, be sure to tell your instructor or email the Math Centre your answer so your ballot can be deposited into your grade level entry box before closing time on Thursday. Students attending "in-Centre" sessions can deposit their ballots in their grade level entry box any time they are in the Math Centre during the week. On Thursday evening (8:00pm), a ballot will be drawn from each Problem of the Week Entry Box and the first “correct” solution drawn from each box will win a Fabulous $10 Gift Card. All other “correct” Mathlete solutions entered will receive “2” extra punches on their Reward Card at the start of their next session in the Math Learning Centre.

Give your brain a workout!!

Be sure to enter at the start of your next session at the Math Learning Centre.

Problem of the Week for Grades 3 and 4: Charlotte and Chuck have tickets to a movie that starts at 7:30 PM. If it’s 6:42 PM now, then how much time do Charlotte and Chuck have to get to the movie theater before the show starts?

Problem of the Week for Grades 5 and 6: Dillon wants to buy a model airplane that costs $34.00. She has a $5.00 bill and a 75% off coupon. How much more money does Dillon need to get the model airplane?

Problem of the Week for Grades 7 and 8: For the first 5 days of the week, Eddie put 3 photos on social media per day. How many does he need to post on the weekend to have an average of 5 photos posted per day for the whole week?

Problem of the Week for Grades 9 and above: A hardware store receives an order for 10 litres of paint with 40% blue pigment. The hardware store already has mixtures of 20% blue pigment and 50% blue pigment. How many litres of each can the hardware store reuse to mix 10 litres of 40% blue pigment?


Grades 3 and 4: A great week of participation for the final problem of 2023! Callum solved the problem and was the first correct ballot to be drawn. Well done Callum, now come and choose a Fabulous $10 Gift Card of your choice. Emily, Anthony, Mary, Noura and Wynn also solved the problem and they will each receive "extra punches" on their Reward Cards. Well done you everyone!! Everyone try again this first week of 2024!! Come on, give your brain a workout!

Grades 5 and 6: A difficult problem for the final week of 2023 for our Mathletes at this grade level saw Noura submitting the correct solution and being the only correct ballot to be submitted. Great work Noura, now come and collect a Wonderful $10 Gift Card of your choice. Everyone be sure to devote time this week to solving the problem!! Become a Mathnasium Mathlete

Grades 7 and 8: Good work by everyone in attempting to solve the problem saw Felix's correct solution being drawn first from the ballot box. Fantastic work Felix, now come and choose a Terrific $10 Gift Card of your choice. Beau and Vasisht also solved the problem and each will receive "extra punches" on their Reward Cards!! Everyone try again this week. Mathnasium – Home of the Power Math Workout

Grades 9 and above: Oh my, a difficult problem this past week and no one was able to come up with the correct solution. Everyone try again this week!! Show what you can do Mathlete!

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