Word Problem Wednesday - FALL leaves

Oct 6, 2021 | Vaughan
Q: What did the little tree say to the bully tree?

A: Leaf me alone.

If that joke doesn’t grow on you, keep reading, we have a challenge that’s so much fun you’ll be rooted to the spot until you figure it out! Why? Because we’re a math learning centre that knows how to make elementary tutoring and math middle school problems enjoyable!

Practice elementary school math skills such as multiplication, division, patterns and fractions with this week’s word problem. Go ahead and give it a try. Don’t give up, its bark is worse than its bite. 

Question: There are 1,024 leaves on a tree. On the first day, half of the leaves fall to the ground. Each day that follows, half of the remaining leaves fall to the ground. On what day will there be only 1 leaf left on the tree?