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Now offering Mathnasium@Home instruction during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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(630) 668-6284

Is Mathnasium a good choice for my child if they are already good at math?

The unique and customizable program we use at Mathnasium allows us to create challenges suited for each student that comes through our doors. We use innovative and fun techniques to ensure that each student will be tested adequately, even if they have advanced understanding of math concepts.

I have noticed my child is struggling with math in school. Can Mathnasium help?

In the traditional learning environment, students rarely receive the attention and help they need when it comes to math. Students are expected to memorize content, rather than truly learn it, which can result in many students having learning gaps because they move on to more complex concepts before they really know the fundamentals. The methods we use at Mathnasium of Carol Stream allow us to determine where your child’s learning gaps are and help fill them with the basics they never truly learned.

Would one-on-one tutoring help my child?

Private tutoring can help your child when it comes to testing, but it may not end up really addressing the learning gaps your child may have. A lot of tutors don’t have the required skills to teach basic concepts or the tools necessary to help your child find their academic confidence. As soon as the learning gaps are found, addressed, and filled with the correct information, your child will find math is easy to solve.

What makes Mathnasium the best choice?

Mathnasium of Carol Stream has created a learning environment that is unique and welcoming to all students. Our dedicated and professional tutors will help your child fill their learning gaps and regain their academic confidence. With customized learning plans, your child can learn in a way that best suits them and with routine check-ins, your child will visually see their progress. Mathnasium gives your child all the tools and resources they need to thrive – anyone can do math successfully with the right encouragement and assistance.

If you are interested in learning more about Mathnasium and all that we can do for your child, contact us today to schedule a complimentary evaluation. Our team of Carol Stream mathematics tutors is here to help your student improve their math skills. We also proudly serve the communities of Carol Stream, Winfield, Wheaton, West Chicago, Glen Ellyn, and Roselle. 

Reach out today for more information regarding our free assessments.

There are many benefits to taking our assessments. With this process we can accurately gauge where your child is thriving, as well as where they are struggling. Mathnasium of Carol Stream can tell with these assessments if our style and math tutoring programs will be something your child can benefit from. 





Mathnasium of Carol Stream proudly serves Winfield, Carol Stream, West Chicago and parts of Wheaton and Warrenville.