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Mar 24, 2020 | Location Cary IL




Q&A collection for parents and guardians that explains [email protected], the online platform for learning math in the way that makes sense to students, explained in a way that makes sense to parents.










1. What is [email protected]home?

Mathnasium@home is an Online Tutoring tool that allows us to provide real-time, face-to-face math instruction with students via an online collaboration platform. The learning experience is strikingly similar to how they would study at our center.  Instructors utilize our teach and move on methodology that promotes independent thinking and increases self confidence while still providing the one-on-one experience.

Please visit https://www.mathnasium.com/athome/caryil for more information.

2. Is the curriculum for [email protected]home sessions the same as in-center?

Yes, students will work through their individualized learning plans, ncluding the same prescriptives (PKs), Workout Books and Focus-On's from the comfort of home. They will work with our instructors in real-time in the same way they work at our center. They will have the ability to continue in subsequent sessions from exactly where they left off.

3. Is there an additional cost for [email protected]home?

Absolutely not.  The membership programs and pricing remain exactly the same whether you are receiving our program in-center or through [email protected]home.

4. Are the instructors the same for [email protected]?

Yes, all of our instructors, whether teaching in-center or via [email protected]home undergo the same rigorous training program to properly teach the Mathnasium Method.  [email protected]home instructors undergo additional training on how to provide real-time, face-to-face math instruction via our online collaboration platform.

5. How are assessments handled?

Assessments are critical for ensuring that we build the appropriate learning plan for each student. Assessments can either be performed in-center or remotely via [email protected]home. We want the student to be in a setting where he will perform at his best.

6. What systems are supported for [email protected]home?

Any Laptop or desktop with Windows operating system or Mac with internet access can be used. Currently the [email protected]home will not work on iPad or Smart Phones. It may also not work on certain Chromebooks for security reasons.

7. Are the instruction times the same?

Currently, we are offering [email protected] sessions during the same instruction hours as our in-center sessions.  

8. What browsers can be used for [email protected]home?

Currently, the application will work only with Google chrome or Firefox browsers. Internet explorer and Safari are not supported at the moment.

9. Do we need any other equipment?

While it is not mandatory, we may recommend the following for an enhanced online learning experience for your child:

  • Headphone, Mic and Webcam - In order to reduce distraction, we recommend students using any basic or noise cancelling headphone with mic.  A webcam, if not built in, is recommended. These will help them to interact with instructors in a holistic manner while working on math problems.
  • Optical Pen Mouse or Digital Draw Board - Only for non touchscreen laptops/ desktops, we recommend using a Digital Draw Board or Optical Pen Mouse. Widely available in many stores like Staples, BestBuy, Amazon, these are USB based tools that can help students to write on the screen like with pen on paper. These are optional and some students prefer using the mouse or a touchpad.

10How will students get help with Homework and Test Preparations?

Parents or students can email either a scanned copy or picture of their school material and we will get that on the online screen where the student will work with the instructors online, similar to how they would work at our center. The student can also share their screen if their homework is online.

11. How will my student get an instructor's attention when needed while working online via [email protected]home?

While instructors will constantly be checking each student similar to how they do in center, if students need attention, there are multiple ways to seek that. They can use the "Ask for Help" option inside the application which will alert the instructors. Also, students can message an instructor when they have questions and the instructor will return to their classroom to help answer their questions.

12. Can students use [email protected]home along with learning at our center?

We recommend [email protected]home for any family where students will be away and not be able to come to center for 2 to 3 weeks because of travel or other circumstances. This platform will enable them to continue the learning process and not lose touch. Since we have the learning plan in one system, switching between online and offline mode for shorter duration is not recommended and will be time-consuming to setup. We recommend not more than 2 switches within a school year and not jumping back-and-forth within a shorter interval of time.

13. Do students need separate email address to access [email protected]home?

No, parents can use their Gmail account login ID for their child/children to access [email protected]home. If they do not have Gmail, parents can create a [email protected]home login ID with their own non Gmail email address. 

14. Can parents use the same email address for siblings?

Yes, when siblings are not attending class simultaneously, the login can be the same.  


If you have further questions about [email protected]home, please call us at (224) 357-0975 or email [email protected].

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