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News from Mathnasium of Cathedral Heights

Let’s make this summer count!

May 22, 2020

After a challenging Spring full of changes due to Covid 19, there are many questions we are hearing from our families and educators in Northwest DC:

  • With little or no testing / grades this Spring, how do I know if my child has mastered the prerequisite math skills for this fall and beyond?
  • My student is eager for more of a challenge in math - how can I encourage this and keep their brain engaged this summer?
  • Typically, summer break resulted in a loss of academic abilities referred to as the “Summer Slide”...  what impact will being out of the classroom for 5 months (“COVID Slide”) have on my child?
  • My student will be navigating significant transitions in math this fall (3rd to 4th grade, starting middle school, taking Algebra I). How can I make sure they’re ready?

Picture your child walking into math class this fall ready to hit the ground running. No need to review / relearn last year’s skills (or worse, struggling their way through the year without the prerequisites). Instead, they are confident and ready to build on their strong foundation.


Click the button below to self-schedule a complimentary private math skills assessment that will give you objective and detailed insights into your child’s mathematical abilities:

  • We reserve this 1-on-1 video-conference time with your child - first a verbal portion and then a written portion.  
  • It will take about 60-75 minutes for your child to complete it. 
  • At the end we schedule a video-conference with you to discuss results, listen to your goals, and provide our recommendations.

We use the results of this assessment to build a personalized math curriculum customized to your child’s strengths and weaknesses.  Each math session uses The Mathnasium Method to provide eyeball-to-eyeball teaching, working through problems together, and time for independent practice.

We can get you started on our Mathnasium @home video-conference platform and then you will have the option of transitioning to in-center instruction at our Mathnasium of Cathedral Heights center in a few weeks. 

Click the “Schedule Now” button now to reserve your complimentary assessment and let’s make this summer count! (202) 888-6882