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News from Mathnasium of Cathedral Heights

My child is struggling with multiplication!

Sep 18, 2020

The transition to multiplication can be very challenging for many kids. Let’s hear from Jenny Colletti, our Director of Education for our students in NWDC, on this topic:  


Our Director of Education talks about the importance of multiplication.

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Jenny adds: “We learn to add before we learn to multiply. Why? Well because multiplication is repeated addition. When we multiply, we add equal groups. A lot of kids don’t understand that. One of my favorite questions to ask is what is 12 x 12. 144. Ok, great. Now, I ask what’s 12 x 13. There is a logical and efficient way to get to that answer by using your knowledge of 12 x 12. You could just add another group of 12. 144 + 12 = 156. We didn’t get there with memorization, but rather we had the tools of understanding what multiplication is.”


Our Multiplication Fact Fluency Program: our instruction team teaches proven techniques that include then extend further than the standard 12x12 multiplication table. 


Key concepts:

  • count-bys, 
  • repeated addition, 
  • commutativity, 
  • launching points, 
  • and word problems.


We can help your child successfully master multiplication!  Self-schedule an assessment either in our Cathedral Heights center - OR - on our video-conference platform. You can also fill out this quick form and we’ll call you shortly!

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