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News from Mathnasium of Cathedral Heights

STEM Gifts that Inspire

Dec 4, 2018

Want to give a gift that is both fun and educational this year?  We’ve dug up some cool options that will engage kids in STEM in a meaningful way.  These fun STEM activities develop creative thinking skills, problem solving, cause and effect and more.


Make STEM Magic!

If you have a Harry Potter lover on your list, check out this Magic Science For Wizards Only kit and introduce them to Chemistry!  Make a magic wand and crystal ball. Watch your potions bubble and change color before your eyes.  The kit contains all the elements you need for magical fun and the instructions include introductions to the science behind each visual spectacle.  Perfect for a rainy afternoon inside - channel your inner Snape and get your potions class on!

If your child is more into crime solving, this Master Detective Toolkit will introduce them to forensic science through investigation and experiments.  Learn how forensic scientists gather evidence from a crime scene and analyze it in the lab.  Kids will use critical thinking, observation skills and learn the science behind solving the crime.  If you have a Sherlock Holmes in the making, this is right for them!


Visual Perception Games for the Stocking

If your detective wants more chances to build their visual perception skills, add Spot It! to their stocking.  All the cards in the game have one image and one image only in common (bonus points if you can tell me mathematically how they did that!) and whoever “spots” that common image first gets the cards for that round.  Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game wins. This game is quick and perfect for a little brain boost!