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News from Mathnasium of Cathedral Heights

Reasons Why We Should Study Math

Dec 20, 2018

We may have heard students, or possibly even ourselves, ask, “When am I ever going to use this?” when studying certain topics in school.  When it comes to math, there are several reasons why it is important and useful to study different mathematical concepts.


Math is applied to our everyday lives.

It is important to show students that we will use these math skills even after we’ve left the classroom.  In the “real world,” we use math everyday, even without realizing it. When we set the alarm in the morning in order to make it to our destination on time, we are using math.  When we see that our gas tank is almost empty and therefore need to head to a gas station before we run out of gas, we are using math. When we bake and use a certain fractional part of sugar, we are using math to make certain our cookies are sweet enough but not overly sweet.


Math provides a strong foundation for other fields.

Studying math helps build a strong foundation in analytical and problem-solving skills, which translate to many other fields of study.  At the core of math is being able to approach problems in different ways in order to find the best solution. Whether we decide to become a doctor or a lawyer, a business owner or an architect, an artist or athlete, or anything in between, we all need some level of mathematical knowledge for our profession.  Medical professionals use math to correctly prescribe and fill medications. Architects use math to design buildings so that they are structurally sound. Artists create visually appealing designs, many times using the Golden Ratio!  Athletes need to apply a certain amount of force when throwing a baseball, basketball, or football in order for it to reach their teammate, depending on how far away their teammate is standing.


Math builds critical thinking skills.

Math requires us to think critically when solving problems, especially when solving word problems.  We need to read through the problem and interpret the situation in order to figure out where to begin.  We need to apply the different techniques we have learned over the years to solve a variety of problems efficiently and effectively.  

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