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News from Mathnasium of Cathedral Heights

Your first Mathnasium @Home session at Mathnasium of Cathedral Heights

Aug 16, 2020

Hello! It’s so good to see you again. Welcome to your first Mathnasium @Home session! 

You just passed through our Waiting Room. there’s not much to do there but it is a quiet place to hang out for just a moment before you get started. Feel free to use that time to grab any paper and pencils you might want to use during your session.


Next, you’ll move into the Main Room. You’ll see Mathnasium Instructors and Directors, as well as other students in this room. This is where we make sure your audio and video are working so that you can have the smoothest session possible. Make sure you have your headphones ready and the latest version of our video-conference platform is downloaded on your computer. 

Once we make sure that everything looks good, you can hit “Join” and you will enter the room with your instructor! This is where all the fun happens!! Your Instructor will be with you throughout your entire session to teach you new techniques, work through problems with you, and answer any questions along the way.

Remember the assessment you completed not too long ago? We used it to create a unique learning plan just for you! The Mathnasium material will be on the same program as your assessment and will open in your internet browser. You will have the choice to write in your answers or type them in. Both you and your instructor will be able to write on the pages as you work through the material together. 

You might notice that there are a lot of pages of the Mathnasium material to work through…. and you would be correct! There is a lot to learn and go over in math. Don’t worry! We will always go at your pace so don’t worry about mastering everything today. 

When your Instructor wraps up your session for the day, just close your internet browser. All of your work is saved automatically so that next time, we can pick up again right where we left off.

It’s that easy!! You just completed your first session! We are so proud of you for working hard to get ahead in math! Now, have you seen the reward cabinet yet?!