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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Jeanne Giles, Owner and Center Director

Jeanne holds a degree in Actuarial Science from the University of Iowa and is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA.)  She spent 25 years applying her business and math skills while performing actuarial work and management responsibilities for a top insurance company.

She opened MATHNASIUM Learning Center in Cedar Rapids in 2010.  With high student success she found there was a great need for a larger Center.  Our current Center at 1501 51st St opened in 2017.

 She is excited to share her love of math with local students.  Jeanne enjoys changing families’ lives by removing math tension and increasing the student’s confidence and attitude towards math.   She also enjoys challenging students that are ready for the next level.

Jeanne is married to Kevin and has three sons. Jacob, eternally 15 and in heavenly peace, Josh, owner of Total Rejuvenation, and K.J., student at University of St. Thomas .  The Giles family are die-hard Green Bay Packer fans.  Jeanne enjoys anything in or by water and has participated in local triathlons. 

Kelly Alexman, Assistant Center Director

Kelly holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science and also a M.A. in Counseling Psychology.  She worked as a computer professional for 10 years, and then moved into the counseling field. While working as a counselor, she supplemented her income with substitute teaching and realized that teaching children gave her the most job satisfaction.  

"I feel privileged every day to share the Mathnasium methods with students.  Helping them discover their own talents and increasing their confidence in both their abilities and themselves is a daily reminder of why I love working here."

Kelly, along with her husband, Larry and their two teenage children stay busy with soccer and school activities.  She enjoys bike trails and loves every season, especially fall.


Dustin Snodgress, Assistant Center Director 

Dustin has always had a big passion for Mathematics.  He pursued the application of mathematics by obtaining an AAS in Electronic Engineering Technologies. He worked as an Engineering Laboratory Technician at a major local engineering firm for six years, and eventually as an Electronic Engineer at a manufacturing company. 

Dustin never stopped attending college and worked towards a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics.  He is a member of the American Mathematical Society.

Dustin started working at Mathnasium as an instructor in August 2014 and fell in love with the Mathnasium way.  He believes learning math is more than just learning arithmetic. Learning math also trains the brain in deductive reasoning, thinking constructively, and problem solving.  This can be seen as students who attend Mathnasium often see improvements in other subjects as well.

Dustin loves disc golf as a past time and also mountain biking (his dog loves running along!).  “While the wonders of mathematics amaze my mind the most, I'm also a fanatic for physics, enthusiastic about the universe, and crazy for the cosmos.”


Instructors are a vital part of the Mathnasium Method. They play a key role in helping students gain understanding of new topics, inspire good mathematical habits and critical thinking, along with helping bolster the students’ confidence.  All our instructors have a passion for mathematics and a knack for sharing their knowledge with our students. Instructors go through a strict hiring process to ensure every instructor is a great fit for the Mathnasium Method.  Once hired, Instructors receive initial and on-going training on the Mathnasium Method through our formal Mathnasium University training modules. 

Bill Mackin, Instructor

I graduated from Iowa State as an Electrical Engineer and worked in the computer field for years.  Now, I enjoy learning more about the newest things in the field on my own.  I also enjoy helping kids pick up new math skills and being able to tell them about real-world applications of the math they are learning. I love Mathnasium because all levels of math are taught, from basic addition to trigonometry.  Every student can improve their skills! 

Favorite Math Joke:  A team of engineers were required to measure the height of a flag pole. They only had a flexible measuring tape and were getting quite frustrated trying to get the tape to the top of the pole.  A mathematician comes along, finds out their problem, and proceeds to remove the pole from the ground measuring it easily.  When she leaves, one engineer says to the other, "Just like a mathematician! We need to know the height, and she gave us the length.



Manar Reda, Instructor

I love Mathnasium because Mathnasium gives the students the opportunity to explore Math outside the box and reason through the problems, which empowers students and lead to successI hold a Master’s in Education and a B.S. in Chemistry and a minor in Mathematics. I am a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. I have a great passion for Mathematics and do mathematics for fun. My passion for Mathematics came from my Mom who still does math problems in her spare time for enjoyment. I believe that learning mathematics should be accessible to everyone.

Favorite number: I find beauty in each number; they build the beautiful world of mathematics.

Favorite math joke: An oPInion without pi is just an Onion.


Olivia Kriegel, Instructor

I am in 12th grade at Linn-Mar High School and am taking AP-Calculus. I also play the violin in orchestra and am a small group leader for the elementary school program at my church. In five years, I see myself in college, possibly in law school. I like Mathnasium because it’s a great place to learn math while having some fun.

Favorite math joke: Why do mathematicians like parks? Because of all the natural logs. 


Isha Kalia, Instructor

I am an 11th grader at Linnmar High School taking AP Caclulus BC. I attended Mathnasium as a student for over 6 years and I am super excited to work here now!

My favorite number is 29 because that is my birthdate!

Mathnasium is great because you can learn beneficial concepts in new ways! They have little tricks that help with math and make it a lot easier, such as a trick to multiplying numbers by 11. The environment is also super fun!  


Shivani Manikandan, Instructor

Hi! I am a senior at Linn-Mar High School, taking Calculus III at Mount Mercy University. Apart from classes, I am a member of my school math team, Future Business Leaders of America, and I am a writing tutor as well. I have loved math from a very young age because of how applicable it is to everyday life. It is amazing how you cannot go through even a single day without the use of math. Hence, having the opportunity to impact a child’s perspective of math is such an honor. I am so grateful to be a part of the Mathnasium team! In five years, I hope to study toward a medical degree in a well reputed college.

Favorite number: Zero, because it is the easiest to write upside down when teaching.

Favorite joke: Why was the Obtuse angle so sad? Because it is never right.


Savannah Zhou, Instructor

Math is fascinating to me because it can be used to explain almost everything in the universe. This fascination was reinforced while earning Bachelor's degrees in both mathematics and physics from the University of Iowa. What drew me to Mathnasium was the opportunity to educate the future and help foster the same love of math that my teachers instilled in me. What has surprised me is how much I have learned about math from the students.

Favorite number: Zero, because you can't divide by zero.

Favorite math joke: Did you hear about the over educated circle? It has 360 degrees!


Sam Alexman, Instructor

I am currently a Junior at Linn-Mar High School, taking Precalculus. I am involved in choir and drama. In five years, I hope I will be attending college for a major I have yet to decide. I was a student here before becoming an instructor and I have loved Mathnasium for a long time. Mathnasium gives kids the help they need while making math enjoyable. I am so grateful to be part of the great work we do here at Mathnasium!

Favorite number: 16. It is a perfect square and my current age.

Favorite Math Joke: Why are corners so hot? Because they’re always 90 degrees.


Matt Krambeer, Instructor

I have always enjoyed numbers and math, even from a young age. I graduated from the University of Notre Dame, where I studied math, philosophy, and theology.  In the future, I hope I will always be able to work in an environment where I can use my math skills. I like Mathnasium because everyone here is very friendly, and enthusiastic about math!

Favorite Number: the golden ratio which is approximately 1.618, symbolized by the Greek letter phi. I like this number for its many interesting mathematical properties, and also because it can be found in many places in nature!

Favorite math joke: Life is complex; it has real and imaginary components!


Joanne Lee, Instructor

I am a junior at Xavier High School taking AP Calc, and my goal is to make math easier and more enjoyable for others. I am a part of my school's math team, I play the flute in band, and I am a member of the Robins Mock Trial Team. I love Mathnasium because it presents math as an interesting concept to be learned because it is so useful and universal instead of making math an intimidating aspect of school and grades.

Favorite number: 1 because it is neither prime nor composite

Favorite math joke: "Have you heard the latest statistics joke?" "Probably."


Samriti Sharma, Instructor

I am a junior at Kennedy High School and this year I will be taking Pre-Calculus. I enjoy volunteering at Mercy Hospital and writing short stories. In five years, I hope to see myself studying psychology in college. I love Mathnasium because it helps students excel in a way that makes sense to them.

Favorite Number: 2 because it's the only even prime number, making it the oddest prime number!

Favorite Math Joke: Why do teenagers travel in groups of three? Because they can't even!

Logan McDermott, Instructor

I am a Senior at Xavier High School taking AP Statistics. In my free time I enjoy playing baseball and fishing as much as possible. In five years, I hope to see myself graduated from college with an engineering degree. I Love Mathnasium because it makes math fun for the students while also helping them learn as much as possible. 

Favorite Number: 5 because 5 is my lucky number.

Favorite Math Joke: Why do plants hate? Because it gives them square roots!


Xander Mackin, Instructor

I am currently a sophmore at Kennedy High School taking Advanced Algebra 2. I enjoy playing soccer in my free time for my high school and club. I love teaching at mathnasium because helping kids reach an 'Aha!' moment and making math make more sense is one of the best parts.

In 5 years, I will most likely be in college continuing my education in the field of Biology.

Favorite number: 2520 because it is divisible by every whole number up to 10.

Favorite math joke: Why was the equal sign so humble? Because he knew he wasn't greater or less than anyone.

Instructor Aides
work under the direction of the Center Director to assist instructors by checking papers, administering brain boosters, and reinforcing instruction with non-high school students. They are an extra pair of hands and eyes to ensure each student is progressing nicely through their material each session. Instructor Aides also provide routine assistance around the center by helping with bulletin boards, organization of activities, and general housekeeping. Instructor Aides are at least 15 years old, Taking an Algebra II class or higher, and can pass the Mathnasium Instructor Exam up through the level of Algebra.  Instructor Aides also go through Mathnasium University and are trained the same manners as our full instructors. The Instructor Aide position is for advanced math students whose passion leads them in the direction of being a full Mathnasium instructor.



Jackson Alexman, Instructor Aide

I applied to Mathnasium because I enjoy teaching/helping people and math. I also love to play soccer and board games. In five years, I hope to be going to a college for either a teaching or computer science degree.

Favorite number: 8 because octagons are the best shape.

I appreciate that Mathnasium strays away from traditional techniques by teaching on a case by case basis. Mathnasium allows for expanding and divergence on core ideas.

Favorite Math Joke: Why did the math book go to therapy? It has too many problems.