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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:


Sophie Booker, Learning Center Director

Sophie graduated from the University of Las Vegas Nevada in 2017 with a Bachelor's in biology. Sophie grew up in Las Vegas and attended Palo Verde high school. She has always been fascinated with all fields of science but has loved math since she can remember. 

Sophie became interested in teaching while volunteering in her mom's classroom and has been an instructor at our Summerlin location. 

Sophie loves that Mathnasium helps children improve and gain confidence in their math skills. Sophie understands the stress that children can feel when they don't understand math but knows with extra help, they can begin to feel confident with their math skills and start to love it as much as she does! Outside of Mathnasium, Sophie is usually playing volleyball or trying new restaurants across the valley. 






Dan Saposhnik, Director of Operations

Dan graduated from Hofstra University's Graduate School of Business in 1990 with an MBA in Accounting. He worked as a CPA with public accounting firm Price Waterhouse and has built successful companies in various fields including education, real estate and executive recruiting. Dan's passion for teaching and love for working with kids is rooted in family tradition. His mother was a highly regarded principal in Las Vegas for over 30 years. Dan is excited to bring  another Mathnasium  Learning Center to the Las Vegas community. 



Laurie Wasser Saposhnik, Director of Marketing and Community Outreach

Laurie graduated from UCLA in 1986 with a B.A. in Communication Studies. Prior to joining Mathnasium, Laurie worked for various Fortune 500 high tech companies such as IBM, SAP, EMC, TIBCO and MicroStrategy. Laurie's passion for teaching and love for working with kids is rooted in family tradition. Her father taught special education at the high school level for over 30 years in California. Laurie is committed to partnering with the Las Vegas community to increase Las Vegas children's math skills, their understanding of math concepts and their confidence in their ability to be successful.






Ronnie, Regional Director

Ronnie graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas in 2011 with a B.S. in Math Education. He worked as an instructor for 2 years and as the Center Director of the Summerlin location for 1.5 years. In his years of teaching math, Ronnie has found that if you make math fun and you are enthusiastic about teaching it, everything else falls into place. He knew at an early age that he wanted to make a difference in children's lives and realized that the best way to do that was through math. "If we are in the equation, we are taking it to infinity". 







Jaclyn, Lead Instructor

Jaclyn has graduated from Northwest Career and Technical Academy from the Teacher Education program.  She is currently attending UNLV, majoring in Secondary Mathematics Education.  Jaclyn has always loved math and later discovered she had a passion for teaching.  Throughout high school, she spent much of her time tutoring students in math in an afterschool club at her former middle school.  She loves the idea that she may even end up back at the middle school she attended, as a teacher.






Karina, Lead Instructor

Karina graduated from the Media Communications program area at Northwest Career and Technical Academy with an Advanced Honors Diploma. She is currently attending the University of Nevada Las Vegas, pursuing an Accounting degree. Math has always been her favorite subject in school. Throughout most of Karina's public educational career, her peers would always turn to her for help. Karina was always happy to see people's faces light up when they finally grasped a concept. Karina frequently heard students say, "I hate math." She chose to work at Mathnasium because, as an Instructor, she has the ability to turn "I hate math," into "I can do this!" In her free time, Karina loves painting, going to the gym, cooking, and spending time with family. 


O'Mari, Lead Instructor

O'Mari graduated from the engineering program at Northwest Career and Technical Academy. He is currently attending college to obtain a degree in electrial engineering, which he plans to use to make a "shocking" and lasting impact on the world. O'Mari enjoys working at Mathnasium because he feels that the comfortable, fun atmosphere is ideal for allowing students to open up if they are having trouble with a concept. He believes this environment is encouraged by the collaborative, team-oriented culture between Instructors. In his free time, O'Mari enjoys bowling.



Nate, Lead Instructor

Nate has worked for Mathnasium of Knoxville in Tennessee and Mathnasium of Summerlin in Las Vegas. He is finishing his Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering at UNLV. Nate has always had a passion for learning and helping others understand Math. Nate loves math because everything is logical and there is no gray area, there is either right or wrong. 





Amanda, Instructor

Amanda is currently a senior at Centennial High School looking to study speech pathology at the University of Nevada Reno after graduation. Amanda is a three year member of her school's varsity quiz team. Amanda has always had a passion for math and thirst for knowledge. Her favorite part of working with students is seeing the "ah-ha" moment when they understand a topic they have been struggling with. When Amanda is not working on math, she enjoys hanging out with friends, reading, and writing. 







 Kayla, Instructor

Kayla grew up in Las Vegas and is currently a student at University of Nevada, Las Vegas where she is pursuing a degree in Geology. After graduating, she hopes to pursue a Master’s degree as well and teach English overseas. She hopes to go out on the field and be a part of paleontology research. She loves to see the progress students have made when understanding certain math topics and enjoys being able to help them when they need it. She loves to help people and make them smile! When not in Mathnasium, she spends her free time playing soccer, hiking, baking, and hanging out with her friends and family.


Keane, Instructor

Keane graduated from Centennial High School and is currently working towards his Bachelor's in Computer Science. He has always been one to challenge himself with math his whole life. Keane loved competitions ad getting that "lightbulb" moment when finally understanding a problem. Working at Mathnasium allows him to share that experience by helping others grow and teaching them how to solve problems. He hopes that in working working here, he can inspire a younger students to have a passion for math. In his free time, Keane likes to compose music, play basketball, and hang out with friends. 





Kyra, Instructor

Kyra graduated from College of Southern Nevada High School and currently attends the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She is pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Nursing and wants to become a Registered Nurse. Math has always been Kyra's favorite subject and she loves seeing students engaging with and understanding the concepts of math. She thinks it is amazing to see students' potential and how much they can learn from math. Kyra loves working at Mathnasium and teaching kids how fun math can be. In her free time, Kyra loves going out to eat, working out, and spending time with friends. 




Mackenzie, Instructor

Mackenzie is currently a senior at Northwest Career and Technical Academy. She wants to pursue an engineering degree and become an aerospace engineer. She has always been passionate towards math and science, and believes that math is one of the most important things for people to learn. Mackenzie likes working with children of all ages, and enjoys helping them progress towards their goals (especially if they are math realted. Her favorite part about teaching math is helping children realize how much fun math can be! When she has free-time, Mackenzie enjoys reading, running, playing piano, and being with her friends.






Michael, Instructor

Michael graduated from Arbor View High School in 2019 and currently attends the University of Las Vegas Nevada majoring in computer science. Michael loves to see students when they grasp a difficult topic they were struggling with. He believes that math is the most rewarding subject, and that a love for math is a developed skill. In his free time, he enjoys trying new restaurants, rock climbing, reading, and driving his car. 





Talia, Instructor

Talia is a senior at Northwest Career and Technical Academy in the biomedical program. She will be attending univeristy for mechanical engineering next year. As a valedictorian and captain of the science bowl team, she is skilled in high level math. She loves helping students learn to love math and excel at it. In her free tine, Talia loves to knit.










Tiffany, Instructor

Tiffany is currently a senior at Northwest Career and Technical Academy who is looking forward to studying nursing at a 4-year university after graduation. She has challenged herself througout her high schol career by taking higher level math classes in order to expand her understanding of the topic. she hopes to use this in her future endeavors of becoming an ER nurse. Tiffany chose to work at Mathnaisum because she beleives that no child is incapable of doing math. They just need a helping hand to guide them towards the right direction. In her free time, she enjoys watching Chinese dramas, drawing, and planting cactus. 



William, Instructor

William is a senior at Centennial High School and enjoys math, especially teaching math. He is native to Las Vegas and enjoys to write if time permits. William loves working with kids and can sometimes be funny, but his students can assure you that his jokes might not be as funny as he thinks they are.