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Mark Kriston

Education: M.B.A. - University of Chicago, B.S. Mathematics - Cal State, Los Angeles Related Experience: 20-year career in the computer industry, Math teacher at high school and college levels Teaching Certification: Illinois type 09 (Secondary) Other: Mark lives in Lincoln Park with his wife Kathy. They have two sons, Ira and Garret Fun Fact! Mr. K’s resume includes “bookbinder.” He lived briefly in New Orleans where he bound deeds, marriage licenses, and other legal documents into large volumes that he sewed, glued and lettered by hand. After moving to Los Angeles, Mr. K used his bookbinding skills to do rare book restoration for the Huntington Library in nearby San Marino – and pay for his math degree! Math Topic he would like to learn in the future: Number Theory

Cameron Keenan

Assistant Center Director
Education: M.M. Music Performance- Depaul University; B.M. Music Performance - Ball State University Related Experience: Tutored students in math high school and college Fun Fact! Mr. Keenan teaches bassoon lessons! Math Topic he would like to learn in the future: Non- Euclidean Geometry

Rachel Kelly

Lead Instructor
Education: B.A. Sociology and minor in Peace Studies - DePaul Univerisity (expected) B.A. Related experience: Math tutor throughout high school and college and worked at Mathnasium in Oak Park Fun Fact! : Ms. Kelly loves Harry Potter! Her dog is named after Luna Lovegood. Math topic she would like to learn: Statistics

Lisa Ingram

Education: A.A. - Kalamazoo Valley Community College Related Experience: Spent many years doing applied math (real world problems) in the business world. Fun Fact! Ms. Ingram spends her time as an abstract painter. Math Topic she would like to learn in the future: Calculus

Alex Asta

Education: M.A. Sustainable Urban Development, B.A. Economics, minors in Mathematics and International Politics - DePaul University Related Experience: Tutored math in high school Fun Fact! Mr. Asta loves to bike and play water polo! Math Topic he Would Like to Learn in the Future: Game Theory

Alice Agarkova

Education: B.S. Criminology - Loyola University Chicago Related Experience: Worked at Mathnasium in Ann Arbor, studied statistics in college, raised by her father who is an economist and mathematician Fun Fact! Alice was born and raised in Moscow, Russia! Math Topic she would like to learn in the future: Calculus

Sean Whitworth

Education: B.M. Music Performance - Northwestern University M.M. Music Performance - Carnegie Mellon University Post-Master’s Certificate - DePaul University (Expected) Related experience - Tutored math throughout high school and worked for a Mathnasium in Los Angeles for two years. Fun Fact - I love to cook, especially Italian and Korean food! Math topic you would like to learn- Calculus

Maya Edgu-Frye


Seth Zebrack

Education: B.S. in Physics from Brandeis University with minors is Mathematics and Computer Science. Related Experience: Seth has been teaching calculus online since 2014. Fun fact: Seth's favorite part of his day is the smiling children at mathnasium. His favorite number is 137. Seth was the team captain for the fantasy sport of Quidditch in college. Math topic you would like to learn: I would love to spend more time studying Tensor Calculus.

Danielle Bogacz

Education: B.S.B. Actuarial Science, Math Minor - DePaul University (expected); M.S. Business Analytics - DePaul University (expected) Related experience: Tutoring at the middle school & college levels Fun Fact: I like baking healthy treats! Math topic you would like to learn: Cryptography

Matt Barraza

Education: B.A. Molecular and Cell Biology - University of California, Berkeley; Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences - Northwestern University (expected) Experience: Mathnasium Hayward, CA; Tutored Statistics in College Matt loves the brain and uses his understanding of probability to work on research questions related to neuroscience. When not doing math he enjoys swimming, watching movies and cooking! Math Topic to learn in the future: Differential Equations

Michelle Yuen

Education: B.A. Mathematics, Biochemistry concentration - Carleton College Related Experience: Academic research at the University of Louisiana Math Department Fun Fact! Ms. Yuen accidentally walked onto the set of the movie Pitch Perfect while doing research in Louisiana! Math Topic she would like to learn in the future: Measure Theory and Algebraic Topology

Ashley Welch

Education: B.A. - University of Kansas Related Experience: Passed both the Probability and Financial Mathematicas actuarial exams. Fun Fact! Ms. Welch has hiked the Great Wall of China! Math Topic she would like to learn in the future: Physics

Elaine Reich

Education: J.D. - Loyola University School of Law Related Experience: Research attorney; substitute teacher and librarian at the University of Chicago Lab Schools Fun Fact! Ms. Reich has fun being in nature. Her favorite vacations include hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, hearing her voice in Echo Canyon, New Mexico, seeing the wildflowers in Door County, Wisconsin, and strolling through Central Park in NYC! Math Topic she would like to learn in the future: Statistics

Nick Berkhout

Education: B.S. Electrical Engineering and a second major in Jazz Studies - University of Wisconsin-Madison Related Experience: Tutored students in math in high school Fun Fact: Mr. Berkhout plays the saxophone Math topic you would like to learn: Differential Equations

Anders Pride


Mustafa Mohammad

Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering - Milwaukee School of Engineering Related Experience: Tutored Calculus while attending college Fun Fact! Mr. Mohammad went sky diving for his 21st birthday! Math Topic he would like to learn in the future: String Theory

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What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor
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