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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Will Lupica , Center Director

Education: B.S. in Film with minor in Mathematics - Middlebury College

Related Experience: Tutored SAT & ACT prep as well as linear algebra and calculus while in high school and college 

Fun Fact! Mr. Lupica is enrolled at Harold Ramis Film School at Second City studying comedy filmaking!

Math Topic he would like to learn in the future: Advanced Probability 

Favorite Mathnasium Character: 



Mark Kriston (aka Mr. K), Owner

Education: M.B.A. - University of Chicago, B.S. Mathematics - Cal State, Los Angeles

Related Experience: 20-year career in the computer industry, Math teacher at high school and college levels.

Teach Certification: Illinois type 09 (Secondary)

Other: Mark lives in Lincoln Park with his wife Kathy. They have two sons, Ira and Garret

Fun Fact! Mr. K's resume includes "bookbinder." He lived breifly in New Orleans where he bound deeds, marriage licenses, and other legal documents into large volumes that he sewed, glued and lettered by hand. After moving to Los Angeles, Mr. K used his bookbinding skills to do rare book restoration for the Huntington Library in nearby San Marino - and pay for his math degree!

Math Topic he would like to learn in the future: Number Theory

Favorite Mathnasium Character:


Lisa Ingram, Lead Instructor

Education: A.A. - Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Related Experience: Spent many years doing applied math (real world problems) in the business world.

Fun Fact! Ms. Ingram spends her time as an abstract painter.

Math Topic she would like to learn in the future: Calculus

Favorite Mathnasium Character:



Michelle Yuen, Instructor

Education: B.A. Mathematics, Biochemistry concentration - Carleton College

Related Experience: Academic research at the University of Louisiana Math Department

Fun Fact! Ms. Yuen accidentally walked onto the set of the movie Pitch Perfect while doing research in Louisiana!

Math Topic she would like to learn in the future: Measure Theory and Algebraic Topology

Favorite Mathnasium Character:RIGHTRIANGLE.png

Elaine Reich, Instructor

Education: J.D. - Loyola University School of Law

Related Experience: Research attorney; substitute teacher and librarian at the University of Chicago Lab Schools

Fun Fact! Ms. Reich has fun being in nature. Her favorite vacations include hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, hearing her voice in Echo Canyon, New Mexico, seeing the wildflowers in Door County, Wisconsin, and strolling through Central Park in NYC!

Math Topic she would like to learn in the future: Statistics

Favorite Mathnasium Character:

Andrew Moore, Instructor

Education: B.S. Mathematics, B.S. Economics - University of South Carolina

Related Experience: Tutored math while attending college

Fun Fact! Mr. Moore enjoys going fishing while visiting his family in Florida!

Math Topic he would like to learn in the future: Mathematical Finance

Favorite Mathnasium Character:

Mustafa Mohammad, Instructor

Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering - Milwaukee School of Engineering

Related Experience: Tutored Calculus while attending college

Fun Fact! Mr. Mohammad went sky diving for his 21st birthday!

Math Topic he would like to learn in the future: String Theory

Favorite Mathnasium Character:

Danny Khananisho, Instructor

Education: B.Sc. Psychology, (expected) M.A. Philosophy - Loyola University Chicago

Related Experience: Tutored calculus in college.

Fun Fact! Mr. Khananisho likes to study ancient languages in his free time!

Math Topic he would like to learn in the future: Topology

Favorite Mathnasium Character:

Ashley Welch,  @Home Coordinator/Instructor

Education: B.A. -  University of Kansas

Related Experience:  Passed both the Probability and Financial Mathematicas actuarial exams.

Fun Fact! Ms. Welch has hiked the Great Wall of China!

Math Topic she would like to learn in the future: Physics

Favorite Mathnasium Character:



Eunice Magnusson, Asst. Center Director

Education: B.A. Math Education - Western Governors University

Related Experience:  Substitute K-12 Math Teacher for the DODEA

Fun Fact! Ms. Magnusson grew up in Japan!

Math Topic she would like to learn in the future: Topology

Favorite Mathnasium Character:



Nikki Menis, Instructor

Education: (expected) B.S. Neuroscience, B.S. Psychology - Depaul University

Related Experience:  Former tutor at Kumon Learning Center, Chemistry tutor at WashU in St. Louis

Fun Fact! Ms. Menis has hiked the White Mountains in New Hamsphire!

Math Topic she would like to learn in the future: Theretical Physics 

Favorite Mathnasium Character:


William Horwitz, Instructor

Education: BA in Economics, BS in Math - Loyola University Chicago; Master's in Applied Mathematics - University of Missouri

Related Experience: Taught college algebra and finite mathematics

Fun Fact! Mr. Horwitz once ran an iron man!

Math Topic he would like to learn in the future: Coding



Cameron Keenan, Instructor

Education: M.M. Music Performance- Depaul University; B.M. Music Performance - Ball State University 

Related Experience: Tutored students in math high school and college

Fun Fact! Mr. Keenan teaches bassoon lessons!

Math Topic he would like to learn in the future: Non- Euclidean Geometry


Favorite Mathnasium Character: 

Jake Berger, Instructor

Education: B.S. in Environmental Science at University of Wisconsin-Madison, M.S. at Indiana University Bloomington

Related Experience: Taught undergraduate biology and mathematics courses at Indiana University

Fun Fact! Mr. Berger also work for the Environmental Protection Agency!

Math Topic he would like to learn in the future: Calculus




Tanvi Bagal,  Instructor

Education: B.A. in Neuroscience from University of Chicago (expected) 

Related experience: Tutored Chinese students in all academic subjects through non-profit, and tutored high school students in mathematics through Mu Alpha Theta (math honors society).

Fun Fact! Ms. Bagal's favorite snack is flavor blasted goldfish!

Math topic I would like to learn: Coding/ string theory.


Catie Jacobs, Instructor

Education: B.A. Mathematics- Wellesley College (Expected)

Related experience: Tutored math throughout high school 


Fun Fact: I love to hike with my dog and dance ballet 

Math topic she would like to learn: Abstract Algebra and graph theory




Gustavo Giancola, Instructor

Education:  B.S. in Physics/B.S. in Education, minor in mathematics - Depaul  (expected)

Related Experience: Volunteer tutoring at Madonna Mission, math and physics tutoring at the High School Level.

Fun fact! Mr Gustavo played the drum in high school marching band! 

Math Topic he would like to learn: Martices and Linear Algebra 


Lizzie Sirkman, Instructor

Education:   ME Structural Engineering/ BS Architectural Engineering ('23), Minor in Architecture - Illinois Institute of Technology (expected)

Related experience: Private math tutor throughout high school

Fun Fact: Ms Sirkaman has had crazy jobs including being a Zipline Guide and building the Ice Castles in Lake Geneva!

Math topic she would like to learn: Linear Algebra




The CenterThe "Third Teacher," The Center

Just as an instructor guides and promotes a child’s learning, so does the environment where that learning takes place. Design and function at the Mathnasium of Ravenswood Center are guided by a collaborative project on learning environments: "The Third Teacher - 79 Ways You Can Use Design to Transform Teaching and Learning." 

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