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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

CenterDirectorJoseph Lee, Center Director 

Joseph has a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering, and Master Degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration. For the last 17 years, he worked in engineering and information technology at Intel Corporation utilizing mathematics for product design, development, testing and quantitative analysis.

Joseph loves interacting and working with children. He has been a children church Sunday school teacher at his church for over 8 years. As a proud father of two school aged children, Joseph knows the importance for children on learning beyond the school classrooms.

Mathematics has always been the most favorite subject for Joseph, he looks forward to share his passion of math with his students. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the children's progress and success in math.

Daniel, Lead Instructor

Daniel is currently attending cal poly Pomona for electrical engineering. He has always had a passion for math, and he wants to share his passion with the students of Mathnasium. 




Anthony, Lead Instructor

Anthony is a graduate student at Cal Poly Pomona majoring in Applied Mathematic and Statistics. His hobbies include reading comic books and going to concerts. In the future Anthony would like to obtain his PhD in Statistics and do research to further expand the field of Stats.




Kishan, Lead Instructor


Alex, Lead Instructor

Alex is a graduate student of Cal Poly Pomona with a Bachelors of Science in Applied Mathematics. He has always enjoyed mathematics, but more so than that he has enjoyed helping others to understand it. His hobbies include watching movies, reading novels, and playing soccer. Alex is currently attending Cal Poly for his Masters in Applied Mathematics, and in the future he plans to have a career in the finance industry. 

Muhammed, Instructor

Muhammed is a student at Cal Poly Pomona majoring in Electrical Engineering. He loves to help people to learn because he considers knowledge to be one of the most valuable asset. He wants students to enjoy learning math rather than fearing it. Learning math helps students practice their problem solving skills which are useful in their their everyday lives. Outside of work and school, Muhammed likes to play soccer.  

Cameron, Instructor

Cameron is a second year student at California State University, Long Beach with a passion for teaching and math. His main hobbies include drawing and reading fiction novels. After graduating, Cameron would like to further pursue his passion for teaching by teaching English abroad.  

Amanda, Instructor

Amanda is a student at Cal Poly Pomona majoring in Mathematics with an emphasis in teaching. Her long term goal is in teaching, especially in the area of working and helping students with various disabilities to achieve mathematical success. Outside of Mathnasium, Amanda enjoys cooking, the Internet, and learning about computers. 

Connie, Instructor

Connie is a recent UCLA graduate with a degree in psychobiology. In her free time, she enjoys learning new languages, reading and watching anything crime related, and keeping up with the latest in the world of sports. When it comes to math, she believes having a solid basis is key and wants to help students develop a strong foundation.




JT, Instructor

JT graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Math and computer science are his favorite subjects because they train people to think clearly, and he loves helping students excel at them. He enjoys spending his afternoons with Mathnasium students while he is in training to become a high school teacher.

Paul, Instructor


Ernest, Instructor


Simeon, Instructor


Ellie, Instructor