Let's Finish the School Year Strong Together!

Apr 15, 2022 | Chula Vista

We are so close to the end! You've worked so hard to get here. Spring break came and went so fast and we are nearing summer months. Some students are dreading the end because they may be struggling and their grades are not where they want them to be. Other students just want to get extra help with new topics with a new school year coming up. 

Do not let the end come without getting the help from us here at Mathnasium. We are ready to help your student finish off strong. We offer help for students of all ages and math competency. Whether your student wants to understand what is happening in thei Math classes or they just want some supplemental work for school, we are here for all their needs. 

No matter what level your student is in Math, we create a learning plan that is customized especifically for them. We take a different approach at teaching fundamentals of Math in order to make it simple to understand for students. Come in today to our Chula Vista center and ask about our free trial sessions! In this session your student will be able to work 1:1 with a trained math instructor in a safe environment where they are free to ask all the questions and make all the mistakes until they understand concepts better. 

Don't hesitate any longer and make the first step to investing in your child's future!

Call, email or click this LINK to schedule a free trial!

Phone: (619) 946-5686

Email: [email protected]

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