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WE ARE OPEN! Offering Live In-Center and Online Math Tutoring options. Our new Supervised Study Space program also offers parents a drop off option for students to attend their Online school classes from the comfort of our learning center.

News from Mathnasium of Chula Vista

Summer Programs at Mathnasium of CV!

Jun 24, 2021

Mathnasium of Chula Vista offers a wide variety of summer programs for students in grades K-12, giving your student the tools they need to succeed next school year!


Some of the Summer Programs that we offer are:
  • Numerical Fluency:
    • This program is tailored for elementary students to teach techniques to master their addition and subtraction facts, allowing quick recall and facility when it comes to more complex problems.
  • Multiplication Fact Fluency:
    • Multiplication starts the summer before third grade for our Mathnasium students, allowing them to develop multiplication solving strategies ahead of their school curriculum.
  • Fractions:
    • We begin fraction introduction as soon as first grade so children can get a preview of key fractional skills and older students can refresh.
  • Problem Solving:
    • Students as young as third grade experience in-depth problem solving development through proportional reasoning, one-step and multi-step problems!
  • Algebra Readiness:
    • Our goal for students in fourth grade and older is to review and refresh their algebraic skills to have a strong foundation leading up to Algebra 1.
  • Geometry Readiness:
    • Students in fifth grade and older are able to master key geometric concepts which will provide a smooth transition into high school school geometry coursework and beyond!
    • We offer multi-week boot camps for students looking for a leg-up during their upcoming SAT/ACT tests.
Come in, get assessed, and optimize your summer break by catching up and getting ahead in math!