Mathnasium of Clermont is bursting to tell you about our instructor, Lauren!

Oct 31, 2022 | Location Clermont

Lauren is one of our elite instructors at Mathnasium of Clermont,

whose job it is to teach kids to feel confident and become successful in math. We interviewed Lauren to give you a sneak peak of how great she is:

So, Lauren, What do you love most about teaching here? A: Everyone is friendly and always helping each other out

What's your favorite success story at Mathnasium? A: I helped a student understand multiplying decimals in one session

If I was to catch you at your favorite local restaurant, what would it be and what would you order? A: Olive Garden; Chicken Alfredo

What is your favorite place to go on the weekend? A: Stay at home

Tell me that last movie you saw and enjoyed. A: Smile and it was very good

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