Who runs the show at Mathnasium of Clermont? Meet Ranette Williams Haynes

Sep 23, 2022 | Location Clermont

Say hello to Ranette Williams Haynes, your local Center Director for Mathnasium of Clermont!

So, Ranette Williams Haynes, What is your favorite thing to do in the city where your center is located? A: I enjoy bike riding in Clermont on the trails. It is such a beautiful city!

What is your favorite Mathnasium success story? A: I had a student name Olivia, a 5th grader who was very sweet, struggling in math, although doing well in all her other classes. I told her we were going to help her LOVE math. She looked at me with a face of disbelief. After working with Olivia, she started to understand math and look at it in a different way. Her grades improved to B's, and later A's. She had developed number sense, as well as her critical thinking skills. Olivia and her family were excited! I was going outside to speak with her mother one day, and at the same time she was coming in center to speak with me. She was excited to tell me Olivia jumped on their (her parent's) bed last night, and said, ""Ms. Ranette was right, I LOVE Math!!"" After about a year and a half, her family stopped the program.

Olivia's mother came in to see me recently, told me that she is still doing exceptionally well in math/school, participating in sports, and peer tutoring at school.

I'm so proud of Olivia! It's always a joy to hear praise reports for our students!

Where’s your favorite place to eat? A: Ellie Lou's Brews & BBQ

What’s your favorite kind of math? A: I love helping students develop their ""Number Sense"" to create fluency and flexibility when thinking about numbers.

What do you like the most about the Mathnasium Method? A: I like the that The Mathnasium Mathnasium Method makes math make sense to our students. It teaches for understanding and the way a child is best able to learn. It allows us to meet our students where they are, and continues to take them to the next level of understanding.

Thanks for all you do, Ranette Williams Haynes!
Mathnasium wouldn’t be the same without you.
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