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Spring Break Multiplcation Camp

March 23 - 26,  2020




Summer Program

June 1 - August 14, 2020

Mathnasium “Summer Workouts”

At Mathnasium, summer programs are all about preventing summer learning loss and helping students prepare for what lies ahead. For some students, that means a solid review of previous material.  Others benefit from previewing upcoming concepts.


Jump Starters (Elementary and Middle School)

Jump Starters solidifies concepts to best prepare students for upper elementary or middle school math. Equip students so they successfully navigate the transition from lower level to higher level math.

Jump Start I (2nd grade and up) – Fraction Concepts • Problem Solving • Multiplication/Division Readiness • Algebraic Thinking • Reading Charts and Graphs • Measurements

Jump Start II (4th grade and up) – Fractional Parts • Factors and Multiples • Ratios and Proportions • Integers • Area and Perimeter • Algebraic Thinking • Problem Solving


Master Series (Elementary and Middle School)

Here is the opportunity for your child to master lifetime math concepts and skills. Master Series allow students to build and solidify key concepts that were reviewed in a previous grade.

Master – Times Tables (3rd grade and up) • Master – Percent Basic (5th grade/up)

Percent Advanced (7th grade/up) • Master – Decimal Concepts and Skills (4th grade and up)

Master – Fraction Concepts and Skills (3rd grade and up)


Power Math Workouts (Middle and High School)

Get ready for fall with introductions to new topics or reviews of previous ones. Prevent summer slippage of math skills!

Readiness – Pre-Algebra (6th grade and up) • Readiness – Algebra I (7th grade and up)

Readiness – High School Geometry • Review – Algebra I (or prep for Algebra II)

Review – High School Geometry • SAT I Math Prep – Prepare to take the SAT this next school year.


Contact us at 573-445-7040 to learn more about enrolling this summer!