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The best science and math moments in Sesame Street’s first 50 years

Nov 13, 2019

'Happy 50th birthday, Sesame Street. One of the most beloved American television series has changed a lot since premiering on November 9, 1969, but in fantastic news, one thing hasn't: its core mission of teaching children and instilling in them a...

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Nov 7, 2019

Baseball's Math Ridden Magic

Oct 28, 2019

Popular science wrote a really intersting article on math in baseball. "While culture and history play their roles in making baseball a more occult sport than others, so do statistics and numbers. In baseball, an obscene nu...

Do's and Don'ts of Math

Oct 17, 2019

One Major Math Tip Per Grade Level Do check to see if your child: Second Grade: Is “fluid” with single–digit addition and subtraction. Third Grade: Can find half (1/2) of even and odd numbers. Fourth Grade: Knows times tables “by hea...

A New Approach To Math

Oct 8, 2019

this story from Idaho Falls “What is 7% of 250?” Why didn’t I learn this before? This was the constant question on my mind as I sat in the Idaho Falls Mathnasium and learned that “percent” means “per hundred.” Doesn’t sound ground-brea...

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