Mathnasium Columbus is Ready for The Georgia Milestones

Feb 20, 2020 | Location Columbus Bradley Park

At Mathnasium of Columbus Bradley Park, our math tutors offer test prep and tutoring for the Georgia Milestones Assessment exam. 

The Georgia Milestones Assessment is an end of the year assessment program that spans from third grade through high school. It provides students with a critical analysis of their achievements and their readiness for the next level of learning. This assessment is also a good tool for understanding where your student if falling short. Students who are prepared and feel confident in the topics can achieve better results.

Our Columbus math tutors have a comprehensive understanding of the mathematical processes that will be on the exam and have developed a customized tutoring program to help your student prepare. We help our students understand the fundamentals of the standards that will be tested. This helps them feel confident in their abilities which will show when they get their milestones assessment results.

The math tutors at Mathnasium of Columbus will guide your student in a practice milestones assessment test, helping our team understand the strength and weaknesses that exist. This will help our tutors tailor the milestones assessment prep towards the weakness that the students have, helping them gain a deeper understanding of the processes they struggle with.

Receive the best Georgia Milestones Assessment prep tutoring for your 3rd through 8th grade student. Our exceptional math tutors in Columbus will offer your student the tools they need to make sure they understand the concepts they need to know and feel confident when taking the assessment!

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