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Part-time Math Instructor

To apply for a math instructor position, simply complete our online application: CLICK HERE. Thank you for your interest!

Mathnasium is always looking for talented math professionals

Great work environment, flexible scheduling, and purpose driven!

Mathnasium instructors teach students in grades 1 through 12, and must be fluent with math including elementary and middle school math, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and, ideally calculus and statistics. 


  • A degree or working towards a degree in math or a related field. *High School students with exceptional math skills will be considered. 

  • Candidates will be required to take a math test without calculators that covers Elementary math - Algebra II, Geometry, and Trigonometry. 

  • Excellent academic credentials and obvious passion for mathematics 

  • Excellent communication skills, with a sense of humor, and an upbeat demeanor 

  • Ability to learn new teaching methods and ability to work well with students of all ages

  • Consistently available a minimum of two days (8 hours) per week Monday - Thursday during our operating hours. Preference is  given  to multi-seasonal availability. We generally do not have "summer only" positions due to the amount of training needed and in the best interest of our students.


  • Instructing 1st through 12th grade students, guiding and checking work, and fostering success 

  • Bringing math to life for students at a variety of mathematical skill levels

  • Explaining and illustrating math topics using a variety of strategies and techniques 

  • Assisting center owner to maintain a clean, organized and productive learning environment

HOURS: 8-20 hours/week

HOW TO APPLY: Complete our online application.  Thank you for your interest!