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We are open for IN-CENTER and online instruction!


Dear Parents,

We know there are so many questions and things change so quickly.  We are trying to adapt as quickly as we can.  Here are some common questions we are getting.  If you don't see your question answered, please call/text us at (801)679-1588 or email at

Link for Mathnasium@home:



Please make sure you use and see the whole link including the "cottonwoodheights" part.


Are you open?

Yes.  We are open for business.  We are excited to offer both in-center instruction and mathnasium@home.  We will re-open the center to in-center instruction on May 18th.


How are you keeping my student safe for in-center instructions?

We take your students and our instructors health very serioiusly.  The following are the safety measures we are taking

  • students and instructors temperatures are taken when they arrive
  • students must use hand sanitizer on the way in and out
  • students are spaced 6 feet apart from each other
  • instructors and students are seperated by a plexiglass barrier
  • masks are mandatory in our center.  We will provide one if the student doesn't have one
  • student areas are disinfected between student


How do I book my sessions?



         Book @HOME sessons or IN-CENTER sessions here

          Please confirm you are booking the correct type of appointment.   


 Check your booked sessions here.

What is Mathnasium@home?

It is the same interactive experience your students are used to.  They will continue working on their Mathnasium material and homework with the same instructors they are used to.  Here is a video of what the @home experience looks like. 


What equipment do I need to particpate in Mathnasium@home?

Any Laptop or desktop with Windows operating system or Mac with internet access can be used.  Most chromebooks should work. Currently the application will not work on iPad, Smart Phones or Android tablets for now.

What browsers can be used for Mathnasium@home?
Currently, the application will work only with Google chrome or Firefox browsers. Internet explorer is not supported at the moment. However, we recommend using Google Chrome for the best experience.

Do we need any other equipment?
Not at all mandatory, but we may recommend the following for an enhanced online learning experience for your child

  • Headphone, Mic and Webcam - In order to reduce distraction, we recommend students using any basic or noise cancelling headphone with mic. Webcam, if not built in, is recommended. These will help them to interact with instructors in a holistic manner while working on math problems
  • Digital Draw Board - Only for non touchscreen laptops/ desktops, we recommend using WACOM board (PTH-651, PTH-660) ( or Optical Pen Mouse ( for non-touch screen systems. Available in in may stores like Staples, BestBuy, Amazon, others, these are USB based gadgets, that can help students to write on the screen like with pen on paper.

Do students work same curriculum in Mathnasium@Home as we do at our center?
Yes, students will work on same prescriptives (PKs), from the comfort of home. They will work with instructors in real time in the same way they work at our center.

How will students get help with Homework and Test Preparations?
We will provide a shared folder where parents/students can upload either scanned copy or picture of their school material and we will get that on the online screen where the student will work with the instructors online, similar to how they would work at our center. Alternatively, please reach out to us.

Are students expected to complete entire workbook in same session in Mathnasium@Home?
No, similar to how the students work on pages in their own pace, they will continue to work online. They will have the ability to continue in subsequent sessions from exactly where they left off.

Can students use Mathnasium@home along with learning at our physical center?

Do students need separate email address to access Mathnasium@Home?
No, Parents can use their Gmail account login ID for their child/children to access Mathnasium@home. 

Can parents use same email address for siblings?
Yes, when siblings are not attending class simultaneously, the login can be the same. Student should exit session and logout using the menu.  However, we recommend every student has their own email.

How do we schedule Mathnasium@Home?

Book your mathnasium@home or In-Center sessions here.  Only schedule a maximum of three per week.

I signed up for a mathnasium@home session.  Now what

Please make sure you have the necessary equipment to participate in online sessions. Just click on the link above under the big red arrow.

Should we be slightly more patient, as this tool is rolled out and everyone gets acclimatized with this new tool?

Absolutely, YES! After the first session, most students work with us indepently of their parents.  Once they have audio and video figured out, kids just log in at the scheduled time.  No further parental input required.