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We are open for IN-CENTER and online instruction!

Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

DirectorMila Gleason, Director

Mila Gleason earned a degree in Chemical Engineering from Queen's University in Ontario, Canada. She worked for Honeywell Aerospace as a Six Sigma Black Belt Engineer where she used statistical analysis (math!) to improve processes and profitability. She has served as the math aide for the past ten years in her children's elementary school. She has seen over the years, how a child's confidence deteriorates when they don't excel in math and how small successes can lead the child to love math again. The Mathnasium method relates so well to children and is so effective that when she learned about it, she knew she had to share it with as many people as possible in her community. She is married to Michael who is also a Chemical Engineer and has three kids that love math - Declan 17, Anna 16 and Liam 13. Needless to say, there is a lot of "mathing" in her home and she hopes to spread the love of math to everyone.

Aria Cederlof, Assistant Director

Aria graduated with her Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and her Master of Art in Teaching degree, both from Westminster College. She has tutored at the high school and college level for a few years and has wanted to teach for as long as she could remember! She will be teaching high school sophomores and juniors at Highland High starting Fall 2020. She enjoys listening to music, reading about space, and watching cute animal videos. She loves to help students identify and overcome their confusion in math and hopes to foster this in her future classroom.

Albert Kemp, Instructor

Albert studies Biomedical Engineering at the University of Utah. The advances to be made in the medical device world intrigue him and he is working to become a part of it all. As a high schooler, he enjoyed giving math help and tutoring during the school's daily study period to his daily schedule, finding it very rewarding. While serving as an LDS missionary in Chile, he was also able to teach English to many adults and children and enjoyed seeing their progress, a joy which he has carried over with him to Mathnasium. Albert is appreciative and sometimes awestruck by exactly all math can do, and looks to make it always a part of his life. Albert delights in Utah with its wonderful outdoors and spots for adventure, and also is fond of  watching movies and reading.

Sarah Canning, Lead Instructor

Sarah is a student at the University of Utah studying mathematics with emphasis in statistics. She has always enjoyed math and was a peer tutor in a supplemental math class during high school. She loves helping others by tutoring, especially the moment when a student finally understands a difficult concept. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys reading, hiking, napping, and playing the piano. She hopes to attend graduate school and pursue a career in data science or biostatistics.

Erin Tracy, Instructor

Erin is a biology major at the University of Utah. She recently studied at Dixie State University for 2 years before moving to Salt Lake City. She loves math and science and wants to eventually become a pharmacist. She also loves card games and spending time with her friends and family. She hopes to help students struggling with math and hopes that they eventually come to love the subject as much as she does.

Jonah Garner, Instructor

Jonah is studying mathematics at the University of Utah. Since he was a child, he has always been fascinated by math and hopes to help the next generation of young students learn to appreciate math as well. He plans to become a math teacher after graduating. He loves Utah and has lived here all his life except for 2 years during which he was a missionary in Peru. In addition to math, Jonah also enjoys running, tennis and all similar sports, playing the flute, and spending time with his younger brothers.

Zoe Philippides, Lead Instructor

Zoe is a student at the University of Utah. She is experienced in childcare and enjoys spending time learning about the world from a child’s perspective. She loves helping children gain confidence in math and seeing how that translates to their self-confidence. Her goal is to help in changing the way the students relate to math and to make the center a fun, positive environment. In her spare time, Zoe enjoys working with animals and hiking with her family. 

Steven Marz, Instructor

Steven Marz graduated from Stansbury High School in 2019, where he tutored peers in math, and will begin studying for a degree in Physics at the University of Utah in fall of 2019. He plans on going to graduate school after this. Steven has always been passionate about math and enjoys the opportunity to help others feel the same way. In his free time, he likes to play French Horn, read, and spend time with family. 

Shalin Patel, Instructor

Shalin is a student at the University of Utah currently majoring in Biomedical Physics. He plans to attend graduate school after he completes his Bachelor's degree. He has always enjoyed math and knows how important refining those skills are for students. In his spare time, he enjoys watching movies, reading fantasy novels, and gaming on his PC.

Chase Noel, Instructor

Chase is a senior at Hillcrest High School. He has a love for helping other and desire to help others grow. He excells in math and math-related subjects such as physics. He tested out of 7th grade math and has advanced through AP Calculus. He often helps his little sisters with their math homework and his peers come to him for help on homework as well. He is great with kids and can make anyone smile.

Kenzie Hoggan, Instructor

Kenzie is a mechanical engineering student at the University of Utah. She has always enjoyed math and loves being able to see how math concepts connect to other subjects. She has worked as a tutor throughout high school and enjoys seeing others gain confidence in math.  Kenzie spends her free time boxing, watching baseball (go Red Sox!), playing guitar, and spending time with her dog.

Robert Randolf, Instructor

Bob graduated from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in 1956 with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has enjoyed math and science from childhood through today. He taught math and science to three of his grandchildren via a homeschool environment. One graduated from the University of Utah with high honors in Biomedical Engineering. The other two are now at the U in science and math studies. Bob spent most of his professional career providing high-performance carbon fiber composite structures for spacecraft and aircraft. Along the way, he enjoyed providing Formula One race car structures for Team McLaren. He loves kids and finds deep pleasure when he sees them light up when they suddenly understand a math concept. By the way, he has seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild!

Nathan Bartlett, Instructor

Nathan is studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah with an emphasis in Aerospace. After getting his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, he plans on getting his master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. He has always had a very strong interest in mathematics. He absolutely loves helping and instructing others in mathematics. Throughout high school, he helped many of his fellow classmates on mathematics homework by giving them great tips and tricks so that they could excel on their own. He enjoys watching baseball, basketball, and football and loves the idea of helping future generations succeed.

Anna Fairbanks, Instructor

Anna is currently a high school student at the Academy for Math, Engineering, and Science. She is passionate about STEM and plans to pursue a career in Medicine. She is also passionate about learning different languages and is currently taking college classes for Chinese. She also studies Arabic and Japanese. Her interest in math sparks from its ability to be the same no matter where you go. It's truly the language of the world.

Acacia Swann, Instructor

Acacia graduated from Murray High in 2020 where she helped her peers in AP Calculus. In the fall of 2020 she will be a student at the University of Utah. She has always found joy in helping others and seeing how math can connect in all areas of life; she hopes to extend this interest to others. She is experienced in childcare through teaching swim lessons to children and working as a camp counselor for young burn survivors during the summer. In her spare time, she enjoys hikes with her dog, playing the guitar, and trying new recipes.

Carter Christensen, Instructor

Carter is currently studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Utah. After transferring from a Theatre degree to an Engineering degree, he remains passionate about the fact that math can be for everyone! He loves learning and helping others learn as well, taking joy in moments when a dificult problem is understood. Carter has tutored peers, in online forums, and within highschool special education. While math is one of Carter's passions, he also enjoys entertainment in the form of theatre, film, and television. He particularly enjoys the world where both math and entertainment overlap in the field of Entertainment Engineering